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Everything has changed - part 3

For the next hour, I watched as Mistress J slammed into my wife's greedy cunt! I couldn't believe my eyes as my wife was actually craving and moaning for more of the relentless pounding. Her creamy cum and wet juices clearly visible all over her outer lips as well as the dildo that was harnessed onto Mistress J's center. I was still kneeling, resting on my feet, my arms handcuffed behind my back and my hard-throbbing cock sticking straight out from my lap... Dripping a great deal of precum on and between my thighs. Both women, exhausted, finally rolled to their sides and embraced each other. Mistress J then, while stroking my wife, suggested that my wife demonstrate her obedience:

"Do be a good girl" Mistress J ordered, "And get the lube. It's time we show our toy just how far you've come for Me."

My wife rolled out of bed and went to the nightstand, retrieved a tube of lube and as she was about to get back into bed, turned and walked over to me. She once again opened her feet to stand on each side of my knees, opening her very well-used pussy, just niches from my face.

"I want you to see what a very satisfied vagina looks like" she said softly. "I realize that you've probably not seen one this happy before but get use to it. But don't worry, toy, after Mistress J is done with me, you'll have the opportunity to service me for my pleasure. Would you enjoy that, toy?"

"Oh, YES Mistress!" I answered and nodded quickly.

With that, she reached down and very gently stroked the underside on my throbbing cock, pausing just a bit at the tip to collect a sizable amount of my precum. She then brought her precum-covered fingers to my lips.

"Lick them clean" my wife ordered.

I quickly sucked them into my mouth and licked them clean.

"This is just one of the many ways that you will service me" she said. "Cleaning me up, and of course, those I direct you to service as well" as she withdrew her fingers and patted me on the head, as though I was a puppy. She then

returned to Mistress J's side, offering her the lube.

"Get on all fours with your ass facing him" Mistress J ordered. My wife did as told.

"Has your wife ever offered you the precious gift of her virgin asshole?" Mistress J asked of me. My eyes were now wide open in surprise! Where my wife and I had talked about anal sex often, it was still a fantasy and something that she would not allow. It usually was just hot talk before vaginal sex. Now, here was my wife, on all fours, a freshly fucked pussy and her friend/Mistress standing behind her with a tube of lube and a strap-on! Perhaps it was just a tease and nothing more....

"No Mistress J" I responded. "We have talked about it but she never...."

"Oh, but she has" Mistress J interupted. "As your wife's Mistress, she was only too willing to offer Me the precious gift of her virgin asshole. Actually, I only asked once and she submissively obeyed. You see, toy, your beautiful wife is a natural submissive and she needs... No craves, dominance. All she wants is for someone to take control - and that person is Me. Her body now belongs to Me. Here toy, watch."

Mistress J squirted a glob of lubricant into her right hand and rolled it around and between her fingers. Then using her left hand to symbolically spread-open my wife's left cheek, she toyed with my wife's little rosebud. My wife let out a very contented moan as she felt the cool lubricant. Mistress J then looked at me, watching my retraction, as she easily sunk her middle finger into my wife's anal cavity. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! My wife on all fours with another woman's finger up her ass! Mistress J then pumped it in and out slowly before added a second finger and began a slow, sensual finger fuck. I could now see my wife's juices dripping from her pussy! I was now up on my knees to get a better view, my cock sticking straight out fully hard a dripping as well. My wife was moaning like a whore-in-heat as her new Mistress J was sliding her two fingers all the way in and out with no resistance whatsoever. I saw my wife actually pushing back onto her Mistress J's hand, in an attempt to get her deeper inside. I was so turned on and excited and then it happened! Where I thought that I was just dripping precum, I felt my balls roll and contract and my cock began to spasm, throb and pulse. I looked down just in time to see thick streams of my white cum shoot and then stream out of the tip of my cock! I was having an orgasm without any actual physical contact with my penis! Mistress J saw it happen and was very quick to point it out to my wife.

"Look" Mistress J said.

My wife craned her head around to see my humiliating situation... Cum dripping from my still-hard cock and a nice puddle on the floor beneath me.

"I knew that he couldn't take this." Added Mistress J. "You were right... He IS weak. We'll definitely need to get him a cock ring if we want him to last at all!"

They both giggled and then Mistress J turned her attention back to my wife's tight asshole and they both seemed to ignore me. Mistress J then withdrew and used more lube to coat her strap-on. Mistress J then climbed up on the bed, swatting my wife's ass as if to say "move up a bit" and took her position behind my wife's spread thighs. Mistress J lined up the tip of her strap-on with my wife's little hole and then looked at me.

"Hey toy!" She barked. "Do you think that your wife will be able to take this?" She added in a half laughing tone.

"Normally" I responded, "I'd say not, but today seems full of surprises."

"Watch this" she continued. "Watch what I've done to your sweet, innocent wife. See what a wanton ass-whore she is."

With that, Mistress J toyed with my wife's tight anal ring with just the tip of the lubed dildo.

"I'm not going to enter you, slut" Mistress J said to my wife. "However, I want this inside of your asshole all the way. I want you to impale yourself all the way and in one slow move, just as I've to taught you. Do it now, slut!"

With those orders, my wife lifted her previously bowed head, arched her back and in a very determined motion, slid all the way back on this rubberized cock as it disappeared into her anal depths, letting a very long, gratifying moan escape from her throat. Once my wife's butt cheeks rested against her Mistress' thighs, she bowed her head once again.

"Good girl" Mistress J complimented. "You're my wonderful little ass-whore, aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress" my wife responded. "It's my pleasure to serve you."

These words, coming from my prim and proper wife, seemed so foreign to me, yet so exciting as well. I was also still rock hard, even with the recent accidental orgasm.

"Fuck yourself" ordered Mistress J, "Just as I trained you."

With that, my wife again raised her head, arched her back and leaned forward enough to slide off of the dildo without letting it withdrawal all of the way, then immediately pushed back, as her anal ring, once again, swallowed all of the dildo's length. She repeated this over and over and by now had found a nice fucking rhythm. There she was, my wife, an anal virgin up till recently, on all fours and impaling herself repeatedly on a strap-on that was around the waist of her once-girlfriend and now her Mistress, as I knelt naked, arms handcuffed behind my back and cum dripping from my untouched cock and puddling on the floor below. Suddenly my wife's pleas broke my hypnotic state.

"Please Mistress" begged my wife. "Please, may I cum for you?"

Could this really be happening? Not only the obvious, but now my wife was about to orgasm from anal friction only! I had no idea that she could have liked it that much!

"Please Mistress" my wife pleaded again. "My worthless body is weak and trying to betray me and I am still mentally weak. I don't want to disappoint you but I may loose my control."

"You do NOT have permission to cum" responded Mistress J. "And you are to continue to fuck yourself at your current rhythm. If you cum or change your current fucking rhythm in order to prevent yourself from cumming, you will be punished, and toy will watch!"

"Please Mistress" begged my wife. "PLEASE, PLEASE allow me to release...."

"NO" shot back Mistress J. "Do what you must but then suffer the consequences."

"PLEASE... Not in front of my husband!"

I couldn't help but notice that Mistress J now had my wife by her hips and was slamming into her anal cavity. Full, deep thrusts, pushing my wife's body forward yet holding her close by her hips.

"AHHHHH" screamed my wife. "FUUUUUUUUUCKKKK!"

With those last few noises pouring out of my pleading wife, her entire body stiffened and I witnessed the most intense orgasm that I've ever seen! She screamed out, dropped her head onto the bed and let go of a muffled howl like some kind of a wounded animal! I'd not ever seen that kind of intense orgasm - not from anybody - and certainly not from my wife!


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