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Everything has changed - part 4

I spent the next 30 minutes doing something that I had wanted to do for years: bathing my wife's asshole with my tongue! But I just never figured that I would be doing it right after she was thoroughly ass-fucked by her new Mistress. And since her new Mistress was watching, and still wearing that strap-on, I did my best to impress them both. I didn't want her disappointed and me ending up in the same predicament as my wife was earlier! I do have to admit that it was quite a turn-on to slip my tongue into my wife's gaping hole. Occasionally my chin would make contact with her engorged vulva and her hot juices would coat my lower lip. At one point, I felt Mistress J's hands gently cup my swaying ball sack.

"Are you enjoying yourself, toy?" She asked.

"Mmmmmmmm" I incoherently responded.

She then slipped her hand up between my legs and gently felt the underside on my now-bouncing cock.

"It seems that you're VERY excited" she added. "Once your Mistress has signaled her satisfaction with your service, I may have something else for you to do."

"MMMMMMM" I responded - again, not much else to say. I licked, tongued, bathed and even sucked my wife's freshly-fucked anal opening. My hands were still handcuffed so that's all I could honestly do. I could actually feel my wife's anal ring relax and slowly close to a somewhat normal position. I kept up my service until my wife rolled to her side, signaling that she was done with me. I then noticed, much to my relief, that Mistress J had removed the strap on and was now totally naked. She climbed up into the bed and cuddled with my wife as they kissed - passionately. I noticed their hands sliding all over each other's bodies and saw their very passionate kisses. I have to admit that I was a bit jealous at how much they were enjoying each other.

Finally they broke the kiss and Mistress J asked my wife:

"Are you ready, My pet?"

"I'm ready for whatever you desire" my wife responded obediently, yet with a certain amount of passion in her voice. Mistress J looked at me and said:

"Turn around, toy!"

I did as I was told and heard the bed move as they both joined me standing beside the bed. They then unlocked the handcuffs and told me to get on the bed, on my back. Once I was in the middle of the bed, they proceeded to tie my wrists, then my ankles, in a spread-eagle position. Once they were done, they stood there, in each other's arms and admired their newest "toy", as they called me.

"Look how hard he is?" Asked Mistress J. "He's very excited, even though he just came a little while ago! I'm going to go first, then call for you to join me."

I had no idea what they had in store, but my cock throbbed even more! Mistress J climbed up on the bed, swung her leg over my head and put her knees on each side of my head, facing my feet. She then looked down at me, through her thighs.

"As you can see" Mistress J said, "I'm VERY wet from all of this. You're going to service my cunt and you had better do the best you've ever done! Your future definitely depends on your ability here."

With that, she lowered her wet crotch to my waiting mouth. I did want to "impress", so I did my best, as she ground down on my face. Soon I was moaning up into her open folds and that seemed to please her more. She then reached down and tweaked both of my nipples, making me almost "Yelp" up into her cunt. That also seemed to please her. I licked, slurped, sucked and tongue-fucked as best I could. This continued and just as I began to get a bit tired, I felt her moisten and contract. She then ground down really hard for as her orgasm swept over her!

FINALLY I thought.

She then lifted slightly and while hovering just above my face, offered a new instruction.

"Rim me, toy!" She barked. "Give Me what you gave that whore of a wife of yours!" As she settled her ass over my mouth. I did my best but it was challenging with her weight on my mouth. She wasn't helping much but then again, I guess it wasn't up to her to help me! Nonetheless, I kept at it and soon she adjusted enough to give me better access. She seemed to be enjoying this as well and I could now hear her and my wife talking a bit.

"Use your panties" I heard Mistress J suggest. "Very soft... Just tease him"

With that, I suddenly felt something gently touch my very hard and flopping cock that lay up and across my stomach. It felt good to get some direct attention, yet it was not as direct as it was tickling and teasing. I moaned and tried to trust my hips up to get more contact when Mistress J suddenly twisted my nipples again. I moaned and squirmed beneath Mistress J as my cock was lightly touched, tickled and teased. I then heard my wife's voice:

"He must really enjoy this" she noted. "Look at the precum oozing out of him."

"Touch only the underside of him" Mistress J added. "Very lightly. He'll probably ooze even more."

She did and evidently I did as well.

"Now, use the flat of your tongue on the underside of his cock." Said Mistress J. "I assure you that you'll nEVER ever suck him agin, but the occasional swab of your hot, wet tongue on the underside of his nasty cock will help drive him crazy and keep him under your control."

With those instructions, I felt a very soft, hot, wet tongue lightly graze the underside of my cock! It felt amazing and I twitched uncontrollably. She repeated this several times until my hard cock felt like it was going to rip right out of my skin! I was literally humping up into the aire... Just as they had wanted me. Mistress J then lifted off of me and moved to be beside my wife, and I saw them both looking at each other and at me like I was desert. In fact, the look of lust on my wife's face was unlike anything that I had ever seen. But it was not as she was looking at me, but rather as she was looking at her new Mistress! My wife looked totally enamored with this naked woman standing in our bedroom.

"I going to finish him off" ordered Mistress J "as I taught you, so that I can enjoy you again without all of his incessant whimpering."

What does she mean 'as I taught you?' I thought to myself. Who did did she 'learn' on?

"You are to do just as I told you" instructed Mistress J.

My wife then leaned up over me, starring down at me and looking me directly in the eyes as I felt Mistress J's hand very gently cup my balls and then very gently graze up and over my throbbing cock.

"How does that feel, Honey?" Asked my wife. "Does it feel nice? Another woman touching your cock? Yes, I'll bet it does" my wife continued, not giving me an opportunity to answer. "So here's how it's going to be... You are about to experience something very special. Can you imagine what that might be?"

My wife was asking me this all as Mistress J was expertly toying and teasing my cock. I could feel my precum flowing out of me and puddling on my stomach.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Oh no" my wife answered. "I'm not going to tell you. We're going to show you!"

"Oh, God" I panted. It felt so good and I was VERY VERY close.

"Do you want to cum?" My wife asked me

"Oh, God, YES!" I yelled.

"Don't call for God" she responded. "Call for your Mistress."

"Oh, Yes, Mistress!" I yelled "Please... Let me cum!"

"What will you agree to do" asked my Wife, "Assuming that we let you cum?"

"I'll do anything!" I pleased


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