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Everything has changed - Part 5

I then shifted my focus from cleaning to pleasuring. My tongue lightly teased and bathed her with desire. I was careful to avoid her sensitive clitoris yet playfully toyed and probed her outer and inner lips. She was now grinding on my mouth and seemed to be enjoying my efforts. She suddenly lifted off of me and swung around, lowering herself back down on my mouth.

"I want to feel you licking me in this position." She said. "I also want to see your excitement grow, if you know what I mean. Seeing you erect, just for me, is how you compliment me. Remember that moving forward."

I licked, slurped and suckled, trying to get her close, yet she seemed non-responsive and somewhat tender. Finally she lifted off of me and began to untie my ankles. She then untied my wrists and stepped back from the bed.

"Get down get, on the floor" she ordered, as she pointed beside where she was standing. I immediately did as I was told.

"Kneel" she added "Sit on your feet and head up but eyes down." Again, I did as I was told. She then stepped closer and put her feet on each side of my knees.

"I am your goddess" she stated matter-of-factly. "But this body you desire now belongs to my Mistress J. You need to accept that. The sooner you do, the more pleasurable your life will become and the more fulfilled you will feel. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress" I replied.

"Good boy" she said "Now, I'm going to take a bath. Go get me a glass of white wine and bring it to me as I soak in the tub. Then you will shower in the guest room, then change the sheets on our bed and then be kneeling as you are now, when I exit the bathroom."

With those last words, she turned and headed to our Master Bath. My head was still spinning as I heard her turn on the water to fill the tub.

What was happening? I thought to myself. Was this a dream?

I got up and went downstairs to the kitchen to get her a glass of wine. There on the counter was a note:

"Program this number in your phone, label it Mistress J and then call the number."

I got my cell phone, added the number as a contact, and labeled it accordingly. I then hit "call"

"Yes?" Answered Mistress J

"Good evening, Mistress J" I said. "This is your toy. I was instructed to call you?"

"Good boy" she responded. "So which option did you chose tonight? I know that you had a choice - are you a gluten for the frustration of a ruined orgasm or are you so weak that you ended up eating your own cum?"

Embarrased, I responded "I licked my Mistress clean after."

"I figured that would be your choice" she barked. I figured that you'd be so typical that you just would HAVE to cum... But then again, you probably really enjoyed eating your own cum. Did you enjoy that, toy?"

"I enjoy pleasuring my Mistress and seeing to her happiness" I replied

"Then why are you making her wait for her glass of wine?" She asked

CRAP I thought. I forgot

"May I please be excused, Mistress J?" I politely requested.

"You may, but I want a call back once you've delivered her wine" she announced. The connection then went dead.

I poured the wine and quickly ran upstairs to find my beautifully amazing wife just sliding into the warm water.

"Oh, there you are" she said as she noticed me. "Mmmm, and you're still somewhat hard for me. I see that you're taking to your new role very well."

"Yes Mistress" I said, offering her wine to her.

"Stroke your cock for me" she ordered. "Stand there and stroke your cock for me."

I did as I was told and she barely looked at me. I felt rather silly but I also imagine that was her intent.

"There" she said, after a cursory glance at my now somewhat harder member. "That's more like it. You may go now."

I thanked her and left the bathroom, only to return to the kitchen and call Mistress J, as required.

"Did you deliver her wine?" She asked.

"Yes, Mistress J" I responded.

"Are you hard now?" She asked

"Yes, Mistress J" I answered. "I am"

"Lay your pathetic cock on the counter and take a picture of it, then text it to me." She said.

"Yes Mistress J" I humbly answered.

I stood on my toes and tried to get a good picture. I ad softened somewhat but it still looked pretty full. I then texted it to her.

"Hmmm" she said. "Not that impressive. How do you expect to keep your new Mistress happy with that?" She asked. "Perhaps this is why it was so easy to seduce your wife and make her mine. Did you think about that?"

"No Mistress J" I replied. "Not until now"

"Do you have any idea of the very nasty and humiliating things that I've done to her? And things that I WILL do to her? She is such a slut for me. And soon, she will be my whore as well. You do know what whores do, don't you? They fuck others because they're told too!"


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