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Everything has changed - part 6

The alarm clock went off at 6:00 am, although I really hadn't slept much all night. The events of the previous evening were still rolling around in my head. Who was everything that happened even possible? I got up and showered and shaved. I want to look and feel good for my wife, my Mistress. I also shaved my pubes very short. I was hoping to impress. I went down the hall at 6:27 and quietly slipped into bed, slid over and wrapped my arm around my sleeping wife. It was nice to hold her and her breathing was slow and comforting. A few minutes later, she began to stir.

"Oh honey" she said. "This is not about cuddle time. This is about you servicing my needs. The sooner that you understand this, the better your life will be. Now slide down and service my morning pussy. This will be a daily ritual when you are home, and how I expect to be woken every morning."

I was disappointed yet I slid down as she pulled back the covers. I took my place between her thighs and began a tender and complete lapping of her sleepy pussy. Soon, she began to respond, both physically - by moistening and opening up, and verbally by sighing and moaning. She seemed to be enjoying it and then she spoke to me.

"Is your penis hard for me?" She asked

"Yes Mistress" I responded. "Very".

"As it always should be, when you're in my presence. When you are hard and doing your morning ritual, or servicing me at all, you may occasionally touch my leg or foot with your hard penis, just to show me that you are hard for me, understand?"

"Yes Mistress" I said between laps are her now-juicy folds. I then gyrated my hips to touch her foot with my penis.

"Good boy" she added. "And feeling your precum is always a nice touch."

I continued lapping at her and dry-humping her foot and ankle until she pushed my head back.

"On your back" she ordered.

I was excited thinking that she may want to ride my now-very hard cock. She sat up and looked at me.

"The morning ritual will be that you lick me awake, until I tell you to roll. Then, you will roll over on your back. Naturally, you should show your appreciation of me by having a very hard penis, as you do now. I will then straddle your face and ride your mouth until I am satisfied. That will be your morning service. Understand?"

Before I could respond, she adjusted her position and swung her leg over my head and settled down for her first orgasm of the day. She was facing the headboard so I knew that she was not looking at my penis, nor did I expect that she would provide any stimulation, so I went to work on her pussy. As anticipated, she climaxed slowly but then very hard. Once I felt her spams subside, she rolled off of me to catch her breath. I just lightly stroked her side as she calmed. I was still very hard and hoping for some relief. She then sat up and jumped out of bed.

"I need to pee" she announced. "Stay there - I'll be right back" as she trotted into the bathroom. I was once again, optimistic that I might "get some" when she came back to bed. She returned and quickly jumped back into bed on her back.

"I didn't wipe" she proclsimed "so very gently, lick me dry. This is not about sex, it's about servicing me, understand? Use your tongue to pat me dry."

I did my best and tasted the droplets of her golden nectar. I figured that she was training me to eventually take more.

"Are you working from home today?" She asked.

"Yes Mistress" I replied.

"Very well" she said "do so naked all day. I want you to get use to your penis being exposed. I will be going most of the day and won't return until around 8 or 9 pm tonight. You are to be showered, shaved and looking your best no later than 8 pm. I want to find you naked and on your knees in the middle of the bedroom on my return."

"Yes Mstress" I replied.

"I have a few minutes" she stated. "I see that you're still hard. That pleases me. Would you like a ruined orgasm before I leave?"

I was surprised by her question. I mean, I was hoping for some attention, but why would she ask if I wanted to be frustrated all day? Then, it was as though she were reading my mind:

"It's either a ruined orgasm or a case of blue balls all day" she said as she giggled. "You should be grateful that I'm offering you a choice."

" I am" I replied "Thank you Mistress. I think that I'm okay for now"

She got up and slid out of bed. As she waked toward the shower, she glanced over her shoulder and added:

"Be someplace else when I exit my shower. In fact, go make me some coffee."

"Yes Mistress" I replied

"Oh, and one more thing" she added

"Yes Mistress?"

"No touching yourself all day" she stated "and make sure that the house is straightened up by my possible return at 8 pm. I may not be alone and I want the house looking presentable."

I prepared my wife's coffee and her breakfast as she got ready upstairs. She appeared briefly to grab her coffee and wave goodbye, leaving her breakfast, and me, untouched. I spent the day, totally naked, up in my office working. I was tempted, on several occasions, to pull something on because it felt very strange to be naked alone in the house. But I resisted the urge because I never knew if she might come home early. As my business day came to a close, I began straightening up the house. I had no idea what would be acceptable so I probably went overboard. I cleaned, straightened, vacuumed and wiped the floors. I did laundry, folded and put everything away. I made the house "ready for Thanksgiving Dinner" clean. At 7:20, I showered and trimmed a bit more of my pubes. I shaved my face again and at 7:55, I got on my knees in the middle of the bedroom floor.. And waited, and waited and waited.

At 9:15, I heard noises and knew that she was home. I then heard giggling and talking - two women, my wife and I margined Mistress J. My penis reacted accordingly. As I heard them talking, I didn't know what to do: should I go downstairs to greet them or stay as I was told. I opted for the later. Eventually, I heard someone as sending the stairs. I tried to feign a smile as best I could and then saw my wife enter the bedroom.

"Mmm" she said, with a smile. "Good boy, but open you knees and let me see how happy you are to see me."

I did as I was told and my semi-hard erection just hung between my thighs.

"Is that how you show your excitment?" She questioned "is that the best you can do?"

"No Mistress" I stammered out "It's just that I've been sitting here for....."

With those few words, she turned and stormed out of the bedroom and back downstairs. I didn't know what to do. Obviously, I had dissapointed her but didn't know the right thing to do next. So, I just sat there, and sat there and sat there. I heard them talking downstairs... Then laughing, then giggling and then silence. I didn't know if I should wait, as I was told, or venture downstairs. I then heard moaning,m but it didn't sound like my wife's voice. The moaning continued until I heard the definitive sound of Mistress J.

"Yes slut" she encouraged. "Lick it like I taught you!" Followed by more moaning. "That's it, you nasty slut! Tongue-fuck your Mistress' cunt!"

I was now very-much aware of my very hard penis jutting out from between my legs!

"Slip your fingers inside me" Mistress J continued "as you suckle my clit. Oh, you fucking whore! Make your Mistress CUM!"


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