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Everything has changed, Part 7

With it being impossible to hide my excitement (a raging hard-on) at seeing my wife being humiliated, used and abused, I was included into sessions between my wife and her Mistress. Some of these activities, that included me, we're probably more for my own humiliation.

An example was how I was required to prep my wife for a session with her Mistress: my wife would receive a text from her Mistress that simply would say: "8pm Friday, restrained frog, butt plug". This meant that I was to help prepared my wife, always in the same fashion and then attach wrists and ankle straps. The Restrained frog position is as follows: I have her get on her knees, wrists between her thighs and beside her ankles. I then secure her wrists to her ankles, leaving her chest and face on the floor, her ass in the air and her holes totally open and vulnerable. I would then insert the best plug. Mistress' final command, by text, would then clarify if I was to be there, at the appointed time, or not.

Preparation would always consist of the following: My wife would recline on the massage table and I would shave my wife's pubs completely smooth. I'd then provide my wife with a relaxing massage, head to toe, front and back, but avoiding her sexual areas. This was for relaxation only, and not intended to provide sexual stimulus. My wife would then shower and wash her hair, and I'd then paint her toenails. My wife would then dry her hair, apply a minimal amount of makeup and then I'd attach the ankle and wrists cuffs and then secure her in the middle of our bedroom, her holes facing the door. I would then lube up and insert the desired butt plug. I did all of this naked with my obvious excitement very visible. My wife would often point out that I was clearly excited, knowing that she was going to be humiliated, used and abuse. "What kind of husband are you?" She'd point out.

If I was required to then leave, I would dress and leave the house, only to return when I got a text. If I was invited to stay, I would wait in the corner, facing the walls. Mistress has her own key to our house, so I would usually scurry into the corner when I heard her key.

When I had to leave was the most humiliating. Knowing that my wife was displayed and restrained for her Mistress, and anyone else who Mistress decided to bring into our house! I think that they did that to me just to increase the humiliation level on my part. On many occasions, I would get the text to return, only to find my wife in the same position, but her butt plug was removed and her ass was bright red, from a severe spanking. Her pussy would be red and dripping. I always wondered if I'd sometime return to find some male's Creampie waiting for me.

After-care was always a tongue bath, as my wife directed, all over her body, releasing her restraints and ultimately taking her to a hot shower. I was totally naked, as instructed once I walked into the house, and my erection was once-again, always obvious. My wife would again point out what a sick bastard I was at exhibiting obvious excitement at her pain and abuse.

On this most recent occasion, my wife got the text: "8pm tonight, restrained frog, butt plug", followed by "he needs to be gone by 7:50."

We did the usual prep, beginning at 5:30 and once she was in postion, butt plug inserted and her limbs restrained, I dressed and left. At 10:00, I got the text that read "come home now, strip once inside the door and come upstairs." I did as I was told and found my wife on all fours in the middle of the bed, but this time, an anal hook was inserted in her ass and an small rope connected the anal hook and ran up and around her neck! She was unable to lower her head and she looked very erotic. I immediately sprang to full erection.

"Well" her Mistress said. "That answers that question! He's rock hard at seeing you like this!"

As I got on my back and began to slide under my wife, to provide her the much-needed oral after-care, it's then that I noticed the thick, sticky, slurpy cream beginning to ooze from my wife's gaping pussy lips! The first lap of my tongue confirmed my suspicions...

As I licked the warm Creampie from my wife's center, her Mistress, took my throbbing erection into her hand and gently began to rub my tip with her thumb. "You love this, don't you?" Is all she said as my wife moaned outloud as she ground her hips down on my mouth!


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