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Everything has changed - part 8

I was humiliated, turned on, embarrased, jealous and confused as I realized that someone else had fucked my wife! My very hard cock did little to hide my excitement! Yet, after the first few licks, it seemed obvious that I was NOT tasting someone else's cum inside of my wife's gaping hole. It was not the correct flavor.

My wife's Mistress seemed to sense my brief hesitation after the first few tastes... My confusion and she spoke.

"Keep licking!" She demanded. "No, it's not cum... No one else fucked your wife but me... Not this time, anyway. It's a special sauce that we mixed up to look like cum. Mayonnaise and yogurt. I just wanted to gauge your reaction and judging by your throbbing erection, you certainly are excited by the idea of licking a warm Creampie from your wife's cunt."

With that, my Wife's Mistress straddled my middle and shoved my penis up inside of her own wet center as I continued to lick my wife. She then removed the anal hook from my wife and then finger-fucked my wife's asshole as I continued to eat her.

"So you both know" she said to my wife, but clearly so that I could hear. "if the day ever comes when I let a man, other than this one here, ever fuck you, it will be because I no longer have any use for either of you. All three of your holes are my special property. No real cocks, other than the one that I'm riding now, will ever enter you. Yes dear, I'm fucking your hubby as I finger-fuck your asshole. And as for him being allowed to fuck you, that will up to you, when you two are alone, or up to Me, if I am present. He will have no say on if and when he gets to fuck! Now, I will, on occasion, loan you both out - either individually or as a couple, but whoever get's the opportunity to enjoy either of your services will know and understand My rules."

My wife had always fantasized about being a whore and being loaned out to service others. Hearing her Mistress announce potential situations like this was too much for my wife and she was whimpering and begging for permission to "release". Of course, having her Mistress' fingers deep in her ass as I licked her folds certainly might have contributed.

"Your body and mind is weak" she said. "Cum as you need."

My wife shuttered and came all over my face. I lapped as a could.

Mistress climbed off of me and instructed my wife to slide back and take my slick, pussy-juice covered penis, up her ass. My wife did as she was told. Her Mistress must have loosened her up well, because I went in with little effort.

"Make him beg to cum inside your ass.... " my Wife's Mistress ordered, "Where he will then lick up his mess!"


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