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Everything has changed - part 9

In what seemed like no time at all, my balls tightened up against me and I felt that old familiar boiling-affect in the length of my shaft. My wife recognized the all-too-familiar throbbing too and announced what was happening:

"He's cumming, Mistress"

I arched my back and growled out as I shot several hot, thick streams deep into my wife's bowels as I felt her pussy juice leak out all over my tummy.

"Off of him and on all-fours, just as you were before" announced her Mistress. My wife did as she was told.

"Now" her Mistress continued, "On all fours behind her and clean up the mess that you left inside of MY property!"

As I repositioned, my leaking cum was evident, trailing out of my wife's still-spasming asshole and down to her very wet pussy. I took a long, slow lap and tried to catch the visible cum before going after the remaining, hidden deposit. As I anally rimmed my wife, her Mistress fingered my own asshole.....

"Mmmm" My wife's Mistress added. "Maybe I'll allow others to fuck THIS tight hole, if they are just too excited by your wife, my slave! I'd be fine with that option!"

She continued to finger-fucked my asshole and squeezed my ball sack.

"You see" she continued "things are all different now. Thanks to this new Revolution, the #MeToo movement, you and your pathetic male body are going to pay for every act of indiscretion that we know about, hear about, read about or just simply imagine! Oh, I know that it's not fair, since we don't know of anything that you've done specifically, but someone has to pay, and your wife and I have decided to make you the one who will pay for all of the predators and creeps out there.... You and your penis alone will pay for the actions of the others!"

It's then that felt the tip of a dildo lining up with my now-relaxed and somewhat open anal ring.


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