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Fanfic Excerpt. Yes it's Erotica. Enjoy :3

I wake up late in the morning, about 11:30. I look at my phone and see a text from Dan, open it, and see his stupid smiling face on my screen. 

“I notice you have no shirt on Mr. Avidan. Aren’t you a little cold?” I say in a reply. I get out of bed, take a shower, and make some tea. I lie back in bed about an hour later and check to see his reply. Another picture of him biting his lip with the words:

“Maybe if you were here it wouldn’t be so cold Miss Molly.”

“That bastard.” I thought cheekily. I text him back with one he can’t resist though.

“Maybe if I pulled at your hair a bit, it wouldn’t be so quiet over here. I know how noisy you can be in bed, mister.” Immediate text back.

“Fuck babe I’m at work. There is no time on this grump couch for Excalibur to get excited.”

“Mmmm. Good.” I respond. I have a feeling today will be a hard one for him.

I rile him up all day, making him flustered by sending him teasing texts and titillating pictures. 
“You better be careful with those pictures babe, or else…” he texts me. I sit and wait for him to finish his text. He sends me a snapchat video where he unzips his leather jacket slowly revealing his bare chest and says,

“I might just want to join you.” I blush in response and don’t respond to it because I’m not sure how to, as it’s getting too hot and heavy to respond…

Later that evening, I get on Skype and as I wait for Dan, I get into a light pink nightie with black frillies around the chest and near the bottom, and I put a silk black robe on over it. He calls me just as I tie my robe up and I answer. He’s sitting there in his Rush T-shirt and wearing his glasses and his hair pulled back in a ponytail.

“Well hey there handsome!” I say, sitting down on my bed with my legs crossed.

“Well hey there pretty lady. I was afraid my snapchat video scared you off. You stopped responding after that, and I got worried.” I shake my head, giggling and feeling warmth build up in my cheeks.

“No, no it wasn’t that at all Dan, I was just unsure as to how to respond. It was um…” I keep playing with my lips nervously, searching for the word.

“…tantalizing.” The tie on my robe begins to loosen, opening my robe a bit. 

“Miss Molly What are you wearing underneath that robe?” I bite my lip and look away from the camera.

“Nothiiiing.” He chuckles lightly.

“Okay fine it’s nothing. I can respect that!” I get ambitious and get on my knees.

“Oh. It is something then?” I smirk at him and open my robe a little bit more, showing a bit of the big pink bow.

“Oooo. It really is something…” I could see his eyes widening with hunger, biting his lip. I open the robe and take it off slowly. He sits here with his mouth agape. 
“You like I take it?” I giggle softly as I see him lick his lips.

“Damn baby girl. You look fucking hot.” I run my hands over my breasts and down my torso as my cheeks turn a bright pink. I cover my face and giggle.

“Are we starting with the Daddy stuff this early in the relationship Dan?”

“Only if you want to!” He smirks at me.

“As tempting as it sounds, I think we should talk about it, talk through it before we go into really heavy stuff, but I could call you Daddy if it does happen tonight.” I pull up my nightie a little bit so he gets a peek of my black lacy panties. He trembles a little. 

“F-fuck babe, please don’t tease me tonight, I have to get up early tomorrow!” He whines sexily as I creep my fingers down my panties slowly then pull them out.

“So, babe.” I sit back down on the bed and smile at his beet red face.

“Mmm. Yes baby girl?” He says in a baritone voice, making my core tense up.

“I heard once in a Game Grumps episode that you can’t masturbate standing up without losing balance…” I bite my finger observing his facial expression change. His eyes get a little wide and he raises his eyebrow, speaking slowly.

“Yeeeeeaaaahhhh. What about it?”

“Um…well…I’ve always wanted to see you lose your shit in orgasmic bliss. Mind if I see a demonstration of just that?” He gulps.

“I’m not sure…I haven’t done anything to myself for like a few weeks…it will be really too intense…I don’t want to hurt myself babe.” I moan softly at the words. He rubs his thighs tentatively.

“You know you want to. I want you to. I want you to strip completely naked; I want you to glide your hands all over your body except your aching cock. I want to watch you tease yourself until you can’t take anymore. Then I want you to handle your cock and imagine it’s my tight, wet hole. And it’s so tight and soaked right now. I want you to drop to your knees, caressing your manhood in a state of ecstasy, and you tell me when you’re close to the edge so I can tell you when you can blow your load.” There’s a long pause. Danny just stares at me while I wait for him to say something. He slips his glasses off and leans toward the screen, his big brown eyes looking straight into the camera, at me. He bites down on the tip of the earpiece on his glasses, then slowly puts them down before he speaks.

“Only if you fuck that tight cunt for me.” I turn a bright pink and cover my face, giggling.

“That sounds fair enough.” I watch him fling off his shirt and throw it across the room. He stands up, his arousal very obvious at this point, and slowly unbuckles his belt, pulling it out of each belt loop painfully slowly. I slide my panties off and start gliding my fingers softly over my smooth sex, biting my lip to hold back any whines or moans.

“Seems like you’re liking the show, hm?” He backs up far enough to be in full view from the thighs up. Seeing his hands groping his bare chest and torso makes me wish his hands were mine. He lets his hair free from the tie and shakes his head, making his curls fall in his face.

“I…uh…yeah.” He looks at me and chuckles, and disrobes of his jeans, the tip of his erection peeking out of his boxers, too large to conceal. Precum seeps from his lingering shaft, making me whimper out loud, which in turn makes his cock twitch. 

“Fuck baby, I want you so fucking bad right now.” He moves his hand down his torso near his erection, just circling his fingers around the tip. It’s getting hot in my room, and I decide to take the nightie off and get on my knees again and cup my breasts. He throws his boxers off, showing off all eight inches. I groan at the sight as I work my hands slowly and teasingly down to my entrance.

“Mmmm I want you too. I just want all of you in me right now. Every aching inch in my warm mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip, making my way down your shaft, making sure my tongue doesn’t miss any part of you.” I start circling my fingers around my clit, but not right on it yet.

“Bobbing my head up and down until my tongue is tickling the smooth base baby. Ah, fuck!” At this point I can’t take it anymore, seeing his left hand and arm vein up as he works on his rock hard cock, seeing his knees get weak, trying to hold himself up, hearing his helpless moans. I start gliding my now slick fingers along my slit, causing my muscles to tense a bit.

“You better still be teasing your little pussy baby, you’re not cumming yet.” He says between breathy moans. He loses his balance and almost falls, but catches himself. I finally get out a toy and show it to him. It’s a 7 inch pink silicone dildo.

“Can I? Please?” I ask him in a little girl voice. I lower the camera towards my kitty , lightly rubbing my slit still. 


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