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fantasy 1

He had come to meet me on my vacation, traveling far to serve me. When he knocked I had just finished my large mug of tea, and was relaxed and prepared. I was wearing a sexy sundress with no underwear.

He was young and nervous, but also polished and handsome. A delightful combination to toy with. I was glad he had come.

He presented himself to me in my hotel room, with a deep bow, flowers, and kisses on the top of my feet. I pulled his chin up with my hand, looked down at him, smiled, kissed him gently on the forehead and told him to give me my supplies and undress completely.

He complied. Looking slightly shy and unsure where to put his hands, he stood before me, flaccid, naked, vulnerable, and beautiful. The rope and other sundry items he had brought were laid out neatly on my bed.

I inspected him. Ran my fingertips along his chest and his back. Sniffed his neck. Touched his hair. I looked for any signs he hadn't properly prepared himself for me with cleaning and grooming. I corrected his posture. I put my hand on his chest and told him to relax - his heart was beating fast. He had done well. He looked and smelled impeccable.

I asked him if he had any further questions before we started. He said "no, ma'am". I reminded him of the safe words. I held his face in my hands and looked into his eyes. The anticipation was growing - as was his cock, clearly he was eager to be used by me. I was pleased.

I tied his hands behind his back tightly and pushed him into the bathroom, onto his knees then pushed further until he was fully seated on his behind, rather uncomfortably, and had a look of surprise in his eyes, knowing that I could hurt him at any moment.

I pushed at his legs roughly with my feet, maneuvering him to a stable seated position - knowing he couldn't use his hands to right himself, and would have to stay there for a while.

I told him I wanted him dirty, and spat on his face. It dripped down his cheek, while I smiled. I nudged his cock roughly with my feet, noting it was still a bit firm, and teased him for getting enjoyment out of being at my mercy. I said, "you like this, huh"? He didn't respond clear enough, so I slapped him and repeated the question. This time he said "yes, ma'am" with strength. I told him he was a good boy, but not dirty enough.

I tied the skirt of my sundress up above my waist, exposing myself to him. I grabbed his hair in my fist and pulled his face toward my vagina. He hardened with excitement. I pushed my fingers strongly into his mouth and told him he wasn't allowed to touch my privates - but he could suck my fingers instead. He complied, eagerly. I lifted one of my feet and stepped on his cock - I told him to control his excitement. He muttered "yes, ma'am" and slowed his sucking, looking up at me with his beautiful eyes.

I had hold of his hair, his head between my legs, relaxed my body, and began to pee all over his face. I had drunk a lot of tea before he arrived. The warm piss flowed from his face down his chest, until he glistened with it.

"You're mine now, I've marked you, you've tasted my fluids". He said "yes, ma'am". "You've done well".

I grabbed my vibrator and pushed it against myself on high power and forced a squirting orgasm out of my body - I gushed all over his face. This time he looked so happy to receive the fluid, he was licking what he could to pull it into his mouth. I grabbed his hair again and pushed his face to my clit - "suck it", I commanded. He did - making the spasms of my orgasm go on for so much longer.

I looked down, he was fully hard. But it wasn't yet his time. I stroked his cock gently with my toes, showing him I was pleased with his excitement.

I pulled off my sundress and turned on the shower. I untied his rope and told him to wash me. I stepped fully into the water and handed him the shampoo. He proceeded to massage my head with it, with strong but gentle hands. I then handed him the soap and instructed him not to miss any parts of my body. He seemed shy to touch my privates, but I held his hand over them, and led him to stroke my body with long sensuous strokes, cleaning it thoroughly.

I stepped out of the shower and covered myself with a towel, and instructed him to wash himself thoroughly, that I'd be waiting in bed.

When he finished washing, he presented himself to me at the foot of the bed, the towel wrapped around his waist. I was naked, relaxing on the pillows. I laughed and told him to remove the towel - there would be no hiding himself from me. I wanted to see his reactions at every moment.

I told him to worship my feet. He sucked my toes, licked the soles of my feet, and caressed my calves. I pulled his hands further up my body until they were on my thighs, and I shuddered with pleasure. He was firm again. The excitement was mutual.

I told him to worship my clit. He dove in eagerly, licking and sucking me and sending shudders down my spine. I handed him a toy to insert in my vagina - which he did, and the combination of his warm wet mouth on me and the firm toy inside me was amazing. I orgasmed hard this time - being so simultaneously relaxed and stimulated.

I paused for a moment, catching my breath. Then told him to make himself cum all over my feet. He rubbed himself, and his cock was throbbing and looked so tasty. I refrained from showing my interest - and instead watched clinically. He orgasmed, moaning hard, and soaking my toes with huge amounts of cum. He said "thank you, ma'am".

I told him to wipe them off, as well as himself. He complied. I pulled his face toward me and kissed him on the forehead. I told him he had been a terrific boy thus far and if he keeps it up there are many more places I may let him orgasm. I knew I wanted his cock, but I also knew he had to earn it.

I told him to get some sleep, and I turned out the lights, fantasizing about what the morning would bring, and sleeping like a baby from post-play bliss.


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