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She had been acting like a brat reacently. She knew what she was doing but wanted her Masters attention and it was the way that she knew how to get it. He had been so busy these last few weeks so they hadn't spent much time together. So she kept sending him kinky messages and pics he warned her she would pay if she didn't stop. She knew he wouldn't stand for her being a brat so she carried on.

He was in a meeting when she sent him a message and a picture of her bottom. That was it he was going to teach her a lesson. He gave e it some thought and then it clicked a few weeks ago they had been discussing fantasys so he thought that he would put one hers Into action. He wrapped everything up around lunch time made all the arrangements, then messaged her. "I will pick you up in an hour, wear something sexy, no panties"

Reading the message she set about making herself look sexy for her Master she really wanted him to be pleased with her. So she showered, put her hair in a messy bun, smokey eyes, mascara. Then she slipped Into her red basque and silky black stockings finishing of with a little black dress and some black stilettos. Checking herself in the full length mirror she applied some rich red lipstick. Grabs her bag and a wrap. She hears the door open running out to greet her Master. Mmmmm he says don't you just look beautiful. Now go and get In the car. With no hesitation she does as she is bid. He joins her In the car and presents her with her collar. I think this will set that dress of Princess.

They drive for about an hour. He stops the Car takes a blindfold out of his suit pocket and puts it on her. Yes Sir she says in a quite voice. I didn't hear you Princess he says slapping her thigh hard. YES Sir she says.

Driving for another 5 mins he pulls up the car. He leads her down. A gravel path. Through some double doors. She knows they are somewhere luxurious by the smell of the place sandlewood and beeswax. The feel of the deep plush carpet under her feet.

He goes up too reception and asks is my suite ready.

Yes Sir says the young receptionist suite 200 she says Top floor Sir. Thanking her for the key he leads his princess to the lift. The doors close behind them. He slips his hand between her thighs and says mmmm so wet Princess. If I didn't have plans for you I would take you right here he says. She moans wanting him so bad. Not now princess. They reach the top floor the doors open and he leads her to their suite. A beautiful room all pale blue with crisp white bedding.

He takes of his jacket and takes her dress off leaving her standing there in her basque and stockings. Slip of your shoes princess and stand still I want to look at you. Walking around her admiring what is his. Then all of a sudden a hard slap to her bare bottom she squeals with delight. He walks back K round to the front of her and slaps her again. Why are you still standing. She didn't need telli twice instantly dropping to her knees. He pushes his hard cock up to her. Do you want this he Says. Yes please Sir she says licking her lips. You dirty little princess. Not now get to your feet, she does this pointing which warns her another hard slap on her backside. She let's out a squeal.

He leads her to the bed and tells her to get on all fours. Just as she thinks her Master is going to give her what she so disirers, she hears the door open and the voices of a woman and she thinks two men. Her Master says right she is all yours do with as you please. But no fucking her or Cumming I side her other than that goes for it.

She feels the the woman slip underneath her, she starts sucking and like King her clit, darting her tongue inside her. Moaning with pleasure. Then she feels a hard cock rubbing against her bum hole pushing herself back against it wanting it. She hears her Masters voice remover you can't enter her. So the man proceeds to rim her life licking sucking before Incerting a finger inside her. All the while still getting her hot wet juicy hole locked out. Oh my God this is just wonderful mmmmmm. Then she hears her Master voice open your mouth Princess, she does opening wide she fills a hot rod enter her mouth, but wait a minute that doesn't belong g to Master. It's not his taste then she remembered there was a second man this going on and on for what seems like ages. Being teased tormented in every hole withering. That feeling building up untill she can take no more crying out PLEASE SIR CAN CUM PLEASE Sir. No he says not yet.

Master says thank you for your services to the lady and gentlemen. They all with draw and leave with out a word.

Now my turn Princess. He pushes himself deep inside her knowing that it won't take long for her to want to cum, then redraws putting his think hard rod in her mouth and fucking her throat hard. His right on the edge himself, but he doesn't give her what she wants he withdraws and cums on her backside. She collapses on the bed totally frustrated but exhausted.

That's what you get my girl for being a spoiled little brat. She turns over and says I only did Sir because I wanted your attention. He climbs on the bed next to her. I no princess but sometimes I need to give my time to work. Yes Sir I know she cuddles up in his arms a d falls asleep.

A few hrs later she stirs not quite awake, thinking was that a dream. Then she hears her Masters voice. No that was all real. He takes her claims what is his and takes her to that place that only he can. YOUR MINE. PRINCESS ALL MINE.


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