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Farm photo shoot adventure.....First Day

Farm photo shoot adventure.....First Day (composed by Zebra)

Since we're in a long-distance relationship, we only get to play together 2-3 times per year and we decided the next time would be in April when I have to be in Illinois for a business event. We posted an ad in a few Illinois groups on Fetlife looking for someone that lived in a rural area with a motel nearby because we really wanted to do another photo shoot. We also stated that whoever we picked you watch the shoot and assist by taking photos for us.

As we started to receive replies, it was the usual mix of people that failed to actually understand what we were looking for or creepy single males expecting to have sex with WildEyes. We received over twenty replies of which we were able to turn town fourteen almost immediately then we began communicating with the remaining ones. All of the ones left listed a real town on their profile except for one couple that had Antarctica listed and all of the others were lone males. The couple didn't belong to very many groups on here and their fetish list was not very long. Their photos were hot but no faces were shown. The things that intrigued us were that they lived on a 400 acre farm in central Illinois and seemed very eager to host a photo shoot at there place. After several messages had been exchanged the lone males were eliminated so the communication with the couple intensified.

We learned quite a bit about them in a short time frame, especially after exchanging our e-mail addresses. Some of the things that stood out to us were:

*they sent facial photos of both in the first e-mail exchange

*their farm/ranch was a half a mile off of a two lane state highway on a gravel road so they were often nude on their property when it was warm enough

*they had a barn with a hay loft along with ten horse stalls for photos

*they had a glass sun room in the rear of their home that had a hot tub, open shower and a small bar area

*Jack was 48 and ID'd himself as bisexual. Beth was 40 and ID'd as bi-curious.

*from the photos they sent Jack appeared to be about a foot taller than Beth and they were an attractive couple

*they offered to shoot videos and photos of us playing for Fetlife

*nobody else lived with them

*they had five horses along with a pony, twenty head of cattle and a dozen pygmy goats that could be incorporated into the photo shoot

*the nearest small motel was almost 80 miles away which was a minor issue but they wanted us to stay in their guest bedroom

After a few more e-mail exchanges, Beth asked WildEyes if the two of them could talk on they phone and to my surprise she agreed. They spoke to each other every third day which seemed to create a real bond between them. During the every other day phone calls between us, WildEyes would update me on her conversations with Beth and it became pretty obvious to me that we'd be accepting their offer to host us for four days in late April. One of the things that struck WildEyes was that there wasn't any conversation regarding them wanting to actually play with us and they appeared to be a laid back couple. In one of their conversations Beth did mention the fact that they had some threesomes with a younger male friend that sometimes helps out on their farm but she didn't go into much detail other than the fact that she enjoyed them. She also hinted that they'd be open to sex play as long as everyone felt comfortable with each other.

As the date for my business event about 90 minutes southwest of Chicago approached we agreed that WildEyes would take a bus to the town on Friday and I'd meet her when she arrived the day before the event. We stayed at the same motel as most of my business friends so she able to meet some of them and we had a nice two days there along with some hot sex between us. On Saturday evening, she received a call from Beth just to reconfirm that we'd be arriving at their place the next day. She made sure we had the directions they sent to us and said to watch for a red scarf tied to the gate to the gravel road leading up to their house. After she got off the call WildEyes started giggling because Beth suggested the four of us play a game the next night to "break the ice" and she wasn't sure if she was serious.

The next morning after breakfast we started the two hour drive enjoying the scenery and the unusually warm weather. As we drove on the two lane state highway, we chatted about Jack and Beth. All of a sudden we spotted the red scarf tied to the fence gate and it was almost 1 PM. As we slowly drove up the gravel road we saw the cattle grazing in a large fenced area, then the barn with the horses in a corral next to it and then the two story house came into view. The front porch was big and our hosts were sitting on it in lawn chairs. As I parked car, WildEyes noticed that Beth was only wearing a pair of blue jean cut-offs and sneakers which I think took her by surprise. Jack had on jeans with cowboy boots. They came down to greet us with Beth hugging each of us and giving us each a kiss on the cheek. Jack shook hands with me and then hugged WildEyes while also kissing her on the cheek. They invited us to sit on the porch to chat a bit before showing us around the farm. While we talked Jack reached into a ice chest full of beers and handed them out. We each had about two cans of beer when WildEyes asked if she could take off her top as well to enjoy the 70 degree weather which was met with a "Hell yes!" from Beth. As she took her top off exposing her upper body it was obvious to me our hosts enjoyed the view and since everyone else was topless I pulled off my t-shirt.

After about another ten minutes Beth suggested that we put our bags in the guest room and then go down to the barn to do a test photo shoot which seems like a good idea to us. The guest bedroom on the second floor was huge with a king size bed and next to a bathroom. As we were getting ready to head to the barn, Jack suggested that he and I go down to lock the gate to their property in his ATV which seemed like a plan to me. Before we left, Beth said she and WildEyes would meet us at the barn shortly. Jack and I drove down to the gate to lock it and then headed to the barn with both of our digital cameras. While we were waiting for the women Jack told me that that Beth had a crush on WildEyes and I told him that WildEyes thought Beth was hot which made him smile. We then started exchanging ideas for possible photo ideas when we heard another ATV pulling up outside. When they walked into the barn both women were totally nude except for their sneakers. Jack suggested we do some test photos of them posing on hay bales in the barn. They agreed so we started doing some pretty tame individual shots of each of them before Beth suggested they pose together which WildEyes agreed to without any hesitation. They did a few shots without any touching (just showing off for the camera) and then WildEyes asked Beth to sit next to her on a hay bale. WildEyes then asked "Is it OK if I kiss you?" and Beth responded without a word by kissing WildEyes deeply! Jack and I started taking more photos as they both seemed to be enjoying themselves. After about five minutes passed Beth looked at WildEyes and said I'd like some photos of you spanking me but I really want to feel it!" WildEyes simply said "get down in the doggy position" which Beth did before the spanking began. WildEyes didn't hold back at all and really turned Beth's ass red in under ten minutes. Once WildEyes was pleased by her efforts she stopped then looked at Jack and I then said "It's time we take some photos of you two together but I'd like another beer first." We agreed then the two women left to bring some beer back from the front porch. While they were gone Jack and I took our clothes off so we'd be ready. As Jack was removing his jeans his semi-erect cock appeared to be about 7-8" and he caught me smiling at it. At about the same time the women were back with several cold cans and they each had already started sipping from their cans. Beth then said "we'd like to take some shots of you two wrestling in the hay." We agreed before WildEyes added "make it look real!" We then went over to an area of hay in the corner to start out but the longer it went on both women were almost on top of us taking close-up photos. Both of our cocks were hard at this point and we were both sweating pretty good. At some point Jack was able to get me in a position where his crotch was directly over my face when WildEyes yelled at me "kiss his ass!!" which I did without question. Beth then said that it was starting to get a little chilly and it was getting close to dinner time. The two women took an ATV back to the house while I helped Jack get the horses and cattle secure for the night. Once that was done, we decided to sit there and have the remaining beers while they were still cold. As we drank, he told me that Beth really wanted to be dominated by WildEyes and how he really wanted to play with WildEyes. I replied that all sounded hot to me and that I'd love to play with Beth as well which made him smile. As we opened our last beers the conversation became very explicit which caused my cock to get hard again which he noticed and then said "before you two take off in a few days I should fuck you!" I started laughing and said "I'm OK with that but not while we're covered in hay" which caused him to laugh as well. As we were finishing our beer and getting ready to lock up the barn, Jack said he needed to piss before heading to the house. Without saying a word to him, I kneeled down in front of him and opened my mouth. He immediately started filling my belly with his hot piss then without any further talking we locked the barn and headed back to the house.

When we got back to the house both women were missing and Jack said "they're probably out in the back locking up the goats for the night." He led me back to the sunroom and we could see them in the goat pen attempt to herd them into a small building for the night. Jack suggested that we jump into the open shower area on the other side of the room to wash off the hay and sweat. We turned on the hot water and were soaping each other down when the women came through the back door. WildEyes had our digital camera and wanted to take some photos of us in the shower which was fine with us. As we turned off the water to grab a nearby towel for eah of us WildEyes said " I enjoyed watching that!" then Beth added "I think we should shower as well before making dinner" while looking at WildEyes. She handed the camera to me as they entered the shower to clean-up and I started snapping photos as they washed each other. By the time they finished both Jof usI were hard which the women got a kick out of seeing. Beth said "WildEyes and I will have supper ready in about fifteen minutes. The temperature is dropping so why don't you warm up the place before dinner then join us in the dining room?" As they left, Jeff flipped on a switch to turn the heated tile floor in the sunroom on then opened a door on the side of the room to turn up the heat. We both then went upstairs to put some clothes on for dinner.

During dinner the four of us enjoyed the meal, homemade lemonade and conversation. Each couple talked about how they met, how we each discovered we were each kinky, our hobbies and they talked about living in a rural conservative area. Once we had finished Jack volunteered him and me to do the dishes which was fine with me. Beth said she and WildEyes would go down to set-up the sunroom and we should join them when we were finished. We finished the dishes in about 20 minutes while we talked then went to join the women. As we entered the room, I noticed the indoor/outdoor furniture had been moved into a semi-circle in front of the flat screen TV, our "toy" bag was off to the side and both naked women were sitting next to each other laughing with their arms around each other. Jack says loudly "let us know what's so damn funny!" which caused them both to laugh harder. Finally, Beth says "we've decided that we're in charge for the rest of the evening so can you two handle that?" and also at the same moment we both reply "sure" which got them laughing again. Once the giggling stopped Beth said "we're all going to watch the video of our threesome with Brian and then we're going to play a game together. While we watch the video, we're all going to smoke some 420. Is that OK?" We both agree and then WildEyes said "but you two should lay back in those two chaise lounges while we watch the video." Jack and I laid on the chaise lounges that were touching each other and then Beth started the video.

It was obvious immediately to me that that the video was filmed somewhere on the farm and there must of have at least two video cameras on tripods used to capture the footage before it was edited. Beth, Jack and Brian are sitting in the middle of a blanket outside smoking a joint. After the joint is history, both males initially focus there attention on Beth with deep kissing, caressing and oral worship with her moaning loudly. Brian stands up over Beth presenting his hard-on which she begins to suck while Jack fingers Brian's ass. It was at this point in the video that WildEyes said "Brian is cute" and Beth responded "should I call him to come over before you drive back to Chicago?" WildEyes then responded "I'll let you know once the video is over." Jack leaned in next to my ear and whispered "why don't we both strip down since we'd already hard?" then without a another word we both stood-up and removed our pants before reclining next to each other again. As we watched the rest of the video we fondled each other as the women were doing the same thing to each other! The video had been brilliantly edited, had music added to it and was awesome! Once it ended, Beth looked at WildEyes and said "Well?" and her response was "sure as long as he understands that doesn't mean I'll play with him" It was at this point, Beth called for a five minute time-out while she left the room to call Brian. While Beth was gone, WildEyes watched us fondling each other and said "Zebra...I'm really getting on watching you play with another man! Do you want more?" and I replied "yes." Beth then returned and announced "Brian will be here tomorrow and will spend the night" to which WildEyes simply replied "sweet! How old is he?" Beth replied 27 and WildEyes smiled. Jack then looked at Beth and said "Can we have more beer with the 420?" and she said whatever everyone wants." Jack said "I'll go get some." before running to the kitchen for more.

Jack returned in under five minutes with cold beer and a small bag of joints. Everyone opened their beer as Beth outlined the rules of the Would You Let Me? that the women had already agreed upon. It seemed like a rather simple game but I was honestly surprised that WildEyes was willing to play! Beth said "OK the game is pretty simple...each person will spin the empty beer bottle on the table top then ask whoever it's pointing at Would You Let Me?" She went on to say "anyone can say pass but then they have to answer a question from the person that spun the bottle. If the person agrees to the one asking the WYLM question they'll have four minutes to do it and we'll use this cooking timer to make sure of the time remaining and nobody spends the bottle more than once! Does anyone have questions?" Nobody had any questions so Beth said "Jack why don't you light up a joint while I move the table in the middle of the chairs?" As she moved a small table into place Jack lit up the joint then took a hit before passing it to me before I passed it to Beth who took her hit before passing it to WildEyes.. As the joint was being passed around for the second time, Beth threw four folded up pieces of paper on the table and said "each scrap of paper has one of our names on if and whichever one WildEyes draws will be the first to spin the bottle." She asked WildEyes if she was ready but WildEyes said "let me finish my beer first" before chugging it down. WildEyes leaned over the table, picked up one then opened it and announced that Jack would spin the bottle first. Jack moved leaned over the table and spun the bottle hard. When it was pointing closer to WildEyes than anyone else. Jack looked at Beth then back at WildEyes then said "WYLM lick your pussy while I finger you?" and without hesitation replied "yes." As Jack went to knell down in front of her, she spread her legs and Beth set the timer before saying "go!" As Jack moved his face into her pussy, Beth and I both grabbed our cameras to snap some photos of the action. Within a minute, WildEyes was wet and starting to moan a bit as Jack inserted three fingers into her as he continued to lick her clit. By the time the buzzer went off at the four minute mark, she was moaning loudly and bucking her hips a bit. As he got up...he offered his three fingers to Beth who put them in her mouth to clean them before saying “yummy.”

It was WildEyes turn to spend the bottle, once she took another toke off of a new joint along with another drink of beer—she then spun the bottle. As it stated to slow down it landed on Beth. WildEyes looked at her and asked "WYLM sit on your face?" Beth immediately said "please do!" Beth then moved to a chaise lounge and laid down on her back. WildEyes then straddled her face offering her sweet pussy and ass to her. Beth began licking her like she was starving. As Jack and I snapped photos WildEyes was obviously enjoying the experience! When the timer buzzed, WildEyes started to stand up then gave Beth a deep kiss for at least a full minute. Beth then said “I’m not bi curious anymore!”

It was then Beth's turn to spin the bottle but she said "rather than waste time, given the rules...Zebra WYLM piss in your mouth?" I said "Hell yes" before walking to the shower stall and lying on my back as the other two grabbed their cameras. "Lick me first!" she ordered and I did as instructed before she filled my belly with her hot piss. I swallowed every drop and then licked her clean before the timer went off. I then looked at WildEyes and Jack. I said "does anyone else have to piss?" and WildEyes was the first one to replace Beth as she added her piss to my belly. Once her bladder was empty Jack replaced her and gave me a golden shower.

As soon as Jack finished using me, I turned on the hot water to shower and then the other three joined me to clean up. Beth then said "since we're running a farm and start early, we're going to lock everything up then turn on the security system for the night. If you wake up early and I'm helping Jack there will be hot coffee in the kitchen. I'm always back to the house by 7 AM and I'll make breakfast then." We were saying "good night" to each other when each of them kissed WildEyes deeply and Beth kissed me as well.


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