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Feminine Products

My interest for the opposite sex started at a very early age. I was only 9 or 10 years old when I found my uncles nude magazine. I remember enjoying the nude photos of all the beautiful girls spreading and posing in different outfits. It was the 80's so woman didn't shave then. I loved it immediately, especially when they wore Thigh High Stockings and a Lace see-through Teddy. Lingerie and Nylons aroused me instantly. I remember thinking I couldn't have it any other way. I was in-love with hairy pussy in Lace panties/lingerie and stockings.
My first girlfriend was very mature and developed for her age. Her breasts were huge and her legs long thick and firm. We dry humped many times in the beginning of our relationship till one day we couldn't resist one another and she let me pull out one of her breast for I to kiss, smell, lick and suck all I want. I was so horny and so was she. It was any day now her and I were going to give each others virginity and when that day came.
Her and I cut school and I rented a room at a Motel from my monthly salary. I had it all planned out already. In my backpack I had a white lace teddy with matching fishnet stockings. When she came out of the bathroom with it on. My heart began to skip a beat from the excitement of what my eyes were seeing and what I was about to have. I couldn't keep my eyes off her bushy hairs peeking out from the sides of the teddy's pantyliner. My mouth watered with anticipation. I was finially going to taste and smell what pussy is like. I dove right in. Took a hard deep wif and ate it like there was no tomorrow. The scent of feminine urine, sweaty anal and Fish filled my nose and face. The aroma/odor captivated my inner sense of smell. I grew a deep love for fish scented hairy pussy and used Maxi-Pads.


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