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Fire of passion

Kneeling at his feet she looks up into her Masters eyes, seeing that burning. Smoldering look that she knows is just for her. That look that sets her insides ablaze with passion for him.

He lifts her chin so their eyes lock, the touch of his fingers setting her skin on fire.

He knows what she wants, what she desires with out the need for words he takes her to the edge of the bed. She bends over her upper body flat on the bed.

Tonight he isn't going going to start of with the bare hand spanking. Instead he takes of his belt and wacky across her backside. bringing tears to her eyes she lets out a scream all the while begging get him for more.Waking her Firagain and again tears streaming down her face, yet feeling that warm feeling Inside herself as she feels her sweet juices running down her inner thighs.

He thrust his deep cock deep inside her and fuck her hard, riding her, slapping her thighs as he goes deeper knowing how close she is yet denies her to cum until he ready to explode. NOW he commands. They cum together her squeezing tight until she knows she has every last drop.

They roll over INto each others arms burning with hot passion for each other and drift of to sleep wrapped up together.


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