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First Time 2

Saundra woke up, found her houseguest on the couch w Amy. She started breakfast, waking them up. Callen had to go to a meeting at Lakewood College for new teachers at 9am. When it was just Saundra and Amy Saundra asked her daughter how things are going w Callen? Amy blushed, said good! He's a great kisser! Saundra had found time to buy condoms just in case when Callen kissed Amy. She's always been progressive, so Amy wasn't shocked when her mom gave her the box of condoms. Amy said thanks, hugged her mom. That night they all got dressed up, went to Velmont's for dinner. The ambiance and food was excellent! Callen ordered a bottle of wine to share as well. Their meal and wine made them sleepy when they arrived back at the house, they went to bed.

It was Sunday! Whew! The weekend flew by! Callen and Amy had one week til school started! Callen had a few more meetings with his dept chair, Ken Jarvis. A few hrs later Callen was snuggling w Amy again. Tonight he'd make his move! He's no Casanova, but he couldn't wait any longer, he had to kiss her, feel her body next to his! Amy wracked her back, Callen offered to massage it for her. Apparently, he made extra money massaging girls in college. A few tried to get him to give them happy endings, but he had a new gf, he's not a cheat. Felicity was his first love. She was his first sexual partner too. Having magic hands worked wonders on Felicity's libido! Drifting off thinking about Amy's breasts had an effect on his body, his cock was growing by the minute. Callen kissed Amy's neck, making her giggle, squirm. She turned around, kissed his mouth, their passion growing! Amy moaned, I want you! Please make love to me! Standing up, they went to her room, started removing their clothes, Amy opened a drawer, pulled out the condoms, gave it to Callen. He opened the box, took one out, opened it, slid it on his erect member. Kissing his lover, he let his hands travel to her breasts, down her toned tummy, began rubbing her hairless pussy, inserting his fingers in her hot wetness, making Amy cum harder than she ever had on her own! She took his hand in hers, sucked her juices from his fingers, kissed Callen softly, opened her mouth, their tongues began to dance!


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