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First Time

Amy Jordan is 18yrs old and she's a virgin. It's not like she's a prude, saving herself for marriage, but she want her first time to be w someone who cares about her needs too. All the guys she's dated up to now have been selfish jerks.

Yesterday her mom told her that an old friend's son from college is coming to stay with them while he looks for a place to live. He's going to start teaching at Lakewood College. It'll be Callen's first teaching job. He doesn't care that it's at a community college. He's glad to have found a job. Apparently, Mr. Hidel broke his leg, arm in a car accident and isn't able to teach. Callen will stay in Brady's room. Amy's mom, Saundra told her he'll be her Friday. So, she expects Amy to help her clean the house, get it company ready. Amy never minds helping her mom out. Since Amy's dad died in the line of duty 5yrs ago, it's been hard on all of them. Four guys robbed a bank, Dan killed 2, one of them got a shot off, hit his carotid artery. The other two robbers were shot as payback for Dan. They miss him everyday. Brady moved away for a while, but he's back in the area now. He lives 25mins away.

Amy was on the phone w her best friend, Claudia when the doorbell rang. Letting her friend go, she answered the door. Callen introduced himself, Amy invited him in, helped carry his bags upstairs. Sorry mom is at the store getting a few odds and ends. She'll be home soon. Amy knew her mom would be mad if she didn't text telling her their guest arrived, so she simply typed, he's here! Saundra replied, at the light, be home soon. After putting his stuff down, Amy gave him the nickel tour. When they were back in the kitchen they had a glass of tea together, talked. Callen asked Amy what classes she's most excited about taking, if she wants to stop at an associates degree? Hmm, I love books, so Literature, Writing, then she said I also love Science, Architecture, cooking, baking!!! Callen smiled, ahh! Typical freshmen! They were laughing when Saundra came through the door. She said, I'm glad to see you two getting along already! Callen and Amy helped bring in the groceries, Amy put them away so her mom and callen could get acquainted. They talked and Amy started dinner; porkchops, corn on the cob, fried potatoes, sweet tea and strawberry shortcake for dessert! Dang Amy! You could be a chef! Supper was delicious!!! My mouth is watering for dessert! Did mom tell you it's my hands down all time favorite?! Saundra said yes she did, smiling! After they had dessert, Callen did the dishes, Amy dried, put them away. Saundra watched them, smiled again, thought they'd make a cute couple. Callen is 6'2, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, tan, bright smile, dimples, he's got an athletes physique. Amy played volleyball since Jr high. She led her team to state numerous times!

After the dishes were done, Amy asked Callen if he wanted to explore the town with her tomorrow? He took her hand, kissed it like the men in famous books did, said, it would be a delight! Amy blushed, said goodnight Casanova!


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