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First Time Continued

Amy's alarm went off at 7:30am, she was showered, dressed and in the kitchen at 8:05! She thought she'd wow callen w her scrumptious French toast, bacon, fresh squeezed OJ, gourmet coffee! When breakfast was almost ready, Amy called her mom and callen to the table. As hoped, Callen loved, savored every bite! Saundra said, that breakfast gets the cook a kiss! Amy laughed and turned her cheek, said, right there pointing to it! Saundra kissed her daughter's cheek, looked up at Callen, said, you're next! He blushed, bent down, kissed Amy square on the mouth! She returned his kiss, then stepped backwards, flustered, she said, mom you've got dish duty, we'll see you later.

They drove downtown, circled the square, found a place to park. Amy pointed out her favorite places, she introduced him to all the shop owners, people she knew. Callen asked to stop at a bank to set up a checking account. Amy pointed down the street, said she'd meet him at the bookstore when he'd done. Amy refused to go into the bank. She kept imagining her dad's death whenever she did.

Lost in thought, Amy didn't hear Callen talk to her. He put a hand on her shoulder, Amy clung to his chest crying softly. After a few minutes Amy calmed down. She told him to come w her and she'd explain. 15 mins later Amy pulled into the gravel parking lot of the lake her family went camping, its her happy place. They got out, sat on a log near the water and Amy told him two weeks ago marked the 5year anniversary of her father's death, telling him how it happened at the bank. Callen touched Amy's cheek, wiped her tears, said he was so sorry, hugged her tightly. Amy wanted to tell him thank you, but no words came, instead, she stood up, kissed his soft lips. They kissed til a family arrived, started setting up camp.

Callen really likes Amy! She's so kind, passionate, has a servants heart! She is very special!!! On top of being beautiful, she's smart, driven! Callen is falling hard for her! She's the type that is sexy, but not overt, is oblivious about it.

Amy can't believe she kissed Callen! She's never been that forward before! Amy can't explain it, but she'd drawn to him!

Hungry, they headed back to Amy's. Saundra and Brady were waiting for them. Brady grilled burgers. They had fresh sliced tomatoes from their garden, watermelon. It was a hot day, so Amy suggested a dip in the pool. She had a new bikini she wanted to wear. Claudia bought it, but it she didn't try it on at the store, after she got it home, it didn't fit her. Amy loves it! Royal blue w white polka dots! It's very vintage looking! Amy braided her hair to keep it out of her face, grabbed a towel, opened the door, ran out, dove into the pool! When she popped out of the water, her right breast was exposed! Embarrassed, Amy sank in the water, adjusted her top. Everyone had a good laugh about it, moved on. Brady and Amy raced, Amy won by a hair! Brady left an hour later leaving Callen, Amy, his mom. After dinner, lasagna, salad, garlic bread Amy suggested a movie. Callen chose an old cowboy flick. Saundra had work to do, so she excused herself. Amy put on a t-shirt, worn, comfy shorts, snuggled next to Callen to watch the movie. The Sheriff caught the bad guy and won the hand of the woman he rescued.

Falling asleep, Callen's hand found its way to Amy's right breast. He's a gentlemen, he didn't do it on purpose. When Amy felt it, she enjoyed the way it made her pussy tingle. She wanted Callen so bad!


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