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First time with a couple, part 1

I was just 19 years old and working at a marina along the coast. A very sexy woman, who, as it turned out, was 38 and very flirtatious with me as I did repairs on the dock near their large cabin cruiser. She offered me cool beverages during the day, as well as subtle peeks of her gorgeous breasts. It seems that she also had a rather nice home nearby and invited me over there one evening. Yep, I was a horny young man, so I thought, "why not?"

That evening, around 8:00, I showed up on her doorstep. She opened the door wearing a very sheer wrap with very sexy underwear underneath. And heels! I'll never forget her heels! She led me into the kitchen and offered me a glass of wine. I accepted and was really getting excited by her obviously sexual advances and flirtations.

In no time at all, she suggested "let's go get you comfortable, shall we?" I followed her up the stairs and into her very large Master bedroom. She went to the bed, leaving me standing in the middle of the room, moved several pillows and seductively climbed onto the bed. She propped herself up and simply said "strip for me..."

I swallowed hard and then began to remove my clothing. Once I was completely naked, and my very eager erection clearly visible, she reached under her wrap and removed her panties. She laid back, seductively opened her thighs and said "let me teach you how to pleasure a woman... Join me up here". I crawled up on the bed and was guided to her very warm center. I remember first noticing her very intoxicating musky scent. Then, I saw how wet she was! Her slickness was all around her folds! I gently kissed the insides of her thighs and she sighed and smiled at me. I then gently used the flat of my tongue to softly lap the slick juice from her outer lips. I then used the tip of my tongue to push into her folds and take as much of her arrousal as I could. She was enjoying this yet still coached me and guided me with encouragement and gentle suggestions. With a little more technique, her first orgasm came hard! Her juices coated my face and I loved it. I was lying flat on my stomach, between her legs, when she surprised me by saying "lift up onto your knees, ass in the air... I want your angle different so that I can teach you about a woman's clit.'

Naturally, I did as she asked and she coached me though another of her amazing orgasms, as she again covered my face.

I was lost I her ecstasy when she placed both of her hands on the back of my head and said "do not move from this position and do not stop licking me... No matter what happens next."


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