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First time with a couple, Part 3

Her hands gently held my face while her grip with her thighs eased. Her thighs and her pussy was covered in cum, as was my own face. And even though I had just experienced and "lights-out" orgasm, my own cock still felt hard and throbbing!

The finger inside of my anal depths gently slid out. She smiled at me and said "you seemed to enjoy that... Did you, Sweetie?" I couldn't nod fast enough! She smiled more and then said "don't get nuts on me, but that person behind you is my husband." OMG, I did start to freak and then I heard his calming voice for the first time. "Easy Son. If I was mad at you, or jealous, do you think that I would have done what I just did to you?" Well, that did make sense. He then placed his hands on my lower back, as reassurance, and added "why don't you try and make her cum with your mouth once more, before you fuck her, okay Son?"

I lowered my mouth and began suckling on her swollen clit. She relaxed and I heard her moan. He was gently rubbing my lower back and then my ass cheeks. It all felt so nice.

When I came earlier, I must have left a huge puddle of cum on the bed below me and he must have scoped it up because I then heard him say, "your cum is so thick and creamy... " and then I felt his slick fingers circling my little hole! He circled and played gently. Then he slowly began to apply just the smallest amount of pressure. Not trying to get inside, really, but rather trying to tease me. She was really moaning and was enjoying not only what was napping to me, but was confident that hubby was enjoying me as well.

She then came hard again and then she tugged at me to slide up. As I did, my hard cock was pointing right at her wet opening. I then felt a hand wrap around my hard cock and since she had her arms wrapped around my shoulders, I figured it was him. He then guided me and the tip of my cock was lined up to his wife's soaked opening.

He then released my cock and I instinctively sank into her depths, pushing the air out of her lungs as I did!

We soon found a nice motion and we fucked gently. She was enjoying it an announced that she was Cumming. I continued to fuck her through her orgasm and as she calmed slightly, she yelled "make him cum inside of me!"

It's then that I felt his finger against my anus as he was once again, using my own cum as lube and he slid easily into me.

He was massaging me deep inside as I was fucking his wife. She was panting and I was groaning. The stimulation was too much and I felt my balls pull up as my cock throbbed and surged a huge load of cum deep into her womb, just as he removed his finger.

As the waves of pleasure began to fade, I herd him break the silence by saying. "You know, sons, we have rules around her. You can fuck her anytime you like, but you need to clean her up when you're done... And I don't mean with a wash cloth.... Why don't you go back to doing what you did when I first walked in."

This totally shocked me as I've never done this before... I mean, cleaned a cream pie, specially my own! But, I had just fucked his wife. This could have gone in many different directions....

So, I lifted out and slid down to experience my first cream pie. He got on the bed and offered her his hard cock to suck as I licked her cum-filled pussy.

She was sucking him good as I licked and lapped at her pussy. Once I felt that she was clean, I looked up and watched her expertly sucking and liking his length. She stopped long enough to notice me watching and simply said "you know, this is not a spectator sport... Why don't you slid up here and I'll show you a thing or two,....

To be continued


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