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First time with a couple, Pt2

Her knees lifted slightly as her thighs gripped my head as her hands held the back of my head. I was on my knees and chest as I licked her soaked pussy. I was a bit nervous with her demand "no matter what happens, don't move and keep licking me!'

I was VERY turned on and my very hard erection has pointing toward the bed and my very full balls were gently swaying as I licked her with enthusiasm.

It's then that I felt a hand gently grip my very hard cock! My eyes popped open and I heard her moan, so I know it seemed "okay". I continued to tongue her but then I felt another hand gently cup my balls! The hands were gently massaging me and it felt wonderful as I continued to lick her. I felt my own pre-cum being massaged on my own cock as I was being stroked. The one hand then realeased my balls and now both hands were gently focusing on my cock.

As I continued to lick her wet folds, and really enjoying the stimulation on my cock, one of the hands that was rubbing me let me go and then I felt an entirely new, erotic sensation! A finger, wet with my own pre-cum, gently circling my anal ring and then slowly but intently, sank all the way inside of me! Waves of intense pleasure crashed over me as my eyes screwed tightly closed. My balls pulled up tightly and my cock began to spasm uncontrollably as I actually groaned into her pussy! I felt streams of my hot cum shoot out of my throbbing cock and into the hand that was still massaging my cock.

As the intensity of my orgasm eased, I realized that the finger was still inside of me. I opened my eyes and saw her smiling at me. She then looked up and over me, clearly at whomever was behind me and said "undress and join us, won't you?"


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