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Regina Tillman was eighteen years old, a beautiful girl, medium length black hair, she was about 5’7, weighed approx.130 pounds, big round breast and a very plump behind.
Her nick name was “Gina” and that’s how we will refer to her throughout this story.
Gina was a fast girl, hip and up to speed on everything that was going on in the streets, nothing got pass Gina if it had anything to to do with fashion, money or sex. Gina loved sex, you could say she was something like a hoe, the only thing was, she was stupid, all that body, but she wasn’t making any real money, everywhere that gina went men went crazy over her, always trying to hit on her, or proposition her with some kind of dream or another, anything just to get between her legs.
Paul Brisco was Gina’s best friend they hung out together all the time, at the mall, the movies, school, and they were somewhat inseparable, Paul never tried to hit on gina or even tried to have sex with her, even though one they both had gotten a little drunk and gina grabbed Paul’s dick through his pants, and played with it until he got hard, thats when gina found out that paul had a huge cock. When she felt how huge it was, gina quickly let it go and neither of them ever spoke about that incident again. Paul never really paid gina’s body any attention, because he looked at her like a sister. But today would challenge those feeling.
It was Friday afternoon, Paul and Gina were at the corner jew store, “Hey paul give me five dollars I want to buy something to eat.” “Okay gina, here you go” Paul reached into his pocket and gave gina five dollars, Gina had on a short skirt, a blue top that didn’t quite cover her stomach, some blue flats and her hair was up in a bun. Paul never told anyone his secret, he had kept this secret from Gina because he felt she would laugh and make fun of him, Paul had a foot fetish, and he was extremely attracted to pretty feet.
He forced himself not to look at Gina’s feet because he knew that if he did he would be hooked, and he wouldn’t be able to satisfy himself. Paul found out that where he lived most of the women thought men who like feet were weird. And it was a bunch of women in his neighborhood with pretty feet, there was Mrs. Johnson was a divorced mother with two small boys, Mrs. Johnson was thirty four and had some of the prettiest feet he had ever seen on an older woman, he remembered the time he was cutting her grass, and mrs. johnson came outside in some pink mules, her arches were so deep and her toes was so beautiful, he remembered getting a hard on looking at them.
“Lets go Paul, I got what I came for” gina said loudly, snapping paul out of his daydream.
They both walked out of the jew store and headed towards gina’s house.
Gina was laying across the bed on her stomach, rocking her legs back and forwards, she had popped her heels out of her flats, and the flats dangled off of her toes, Paul was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room he was sitted directly behind gina, so she couldn’t see him. For the first time in their friendship, Paul took a deep look at gina’s feet, he seemed to hypnotized by her rocking legs and dangling flats, that swung ever so gently on her toes, her skin was flawless, the shoes hindered him from seeing her whole foot, he was waiting for her to point her toes, but she never did. Something came over Paul, a deep intense heat began to burn in his chest, a lustful fire started to rage through his belly, he got up from the chair, and walked over to the bed and stood behind gina and reached out and plucked the dangling flats off her toes, laid them neatly on the floor and went back and sat down. Gina turned around and looked at paul, “Hey paul why did you do that, was my shoes making to much noise or something?” “Yeah I guess so” paul lied,
Gina was still rocking her legs back and forth, but since she didn’t have the shoes restricting he feet anymore she began to flex her toes, and she did what paul wanted her to do she started pointing her toes, it was like being in heaven paul thought to himself as he watched her pointed toes rock back and forth, paul’s hands eased down to his pants, he slowly unzipped them and reached in and massage his already erect penis, he started slowly at first, and as gina kept rocking her pointed toes back forth his momentum grew faster, Gina was on her phone and didn’t know that Paul was sitting behind her jacking off to her feet. Gina next position didn’t make matters any better, she lowered one leg down to the bed, and the other leg she curled up beside her, her toes were still pointed on both feet. Paul had got lost in the lust of the moment and didn’t see when gina looked over her shoulder to see what he was doing.
Gina stared at paul, his eyes were closed and his huge dick was in his hand and he was stroking it fast, Gina looked down at her self to see what could have caused paul to jack off, her skirt was hiked up to her thighs, and her golden colored thighs were exposed and she had her toes pointed, “Thats it” she exclaimed to her self silently, “This boy is sitting over there jacking off over my feet. Paul still hadn’t noticed gina looking at him, gina quickly turned back around. “Hey Paul” gina called his name loudly on purpose, paul quickly struggled to stuff his huge hard cock back into his pant, but it was to late gina had turned around and caught him,
“Paul what the hell are you doing with your dick out in my room?” Paul couldnt’ say a word, he was speechless, finally he spoke,
“I’m sorry gina, you might as well know, I tried to hide it from you all these years, but I got a foot fetish, I love pretty feet.” “Oh for real!!” “You mean to tell me that we been friends all this time and you had the nerve to keep a secret from me, why didn’t you tell me you liked feet, I wouldn’t had a problem letting you jack off to my feet paul. “I know I got pretty feet men are always telling me this, but you are the first person to ever jack off over my feet, did you cum yet?” “Naw you busted me before I could” Gina turned over in the bed and laid on her back she raised one leg high in the air and pointed her toes, “Does this turn you on when I do this” “Go ahead take your big dick back out and lets get you taken care of.” Paul so excited that gina didn’t hate him for liking feet, he took his already re-erect penis back out and immediately started jacking it off as he looked at gina’s raised leg and pointed toes. Gina raised the other leg and bent it at the knee and pointed her toes at paul, Paul couldn’t take any more his cock exploded sending hot cum in the air, gina watched it as it hit the carpet. “You know you got to clean that up right?” Paul put his flaccid penis up, zipped up his pants and got up and went in to the bathroom and got tissue and came back out and cleaned his sperm stains off the carpet.
“Hey paul, from now on no more secrets, okay?” Paul looked up and nodded to her.
“Hey gina can I tell you one of my feet fantasies?” “Sure paul go ahead” would you sit in the back seat of the car and stick your leg up front and point your toes for me?” Gina laughed, “You want me to sit in the back seat and stick my leg up front and point my toes, any particular polish?” Paul was excited his dick was getting hard all over again, “Red” he said. Gina smile at him. “Okay whenever you’re ready just let me know and I will point these pretty little toes for you anytime you want.


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