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Full Control

Chapter 1

She remembered it like it was yesterday even though it was a couple of years ago. She never liked her daddy’s younger bimbo girlfriend. It wasn't just because she was young (early twenties) with short blonde hair and small lovely perky nipples. That was annoying but not a fair cause of dislike. No, it wasn't even because she dressed like a whore most of the time, wearing short skirts, open loose shirts and heels. No, it was the drugs and sleazy friends that would visit because of her. But what was worse was the way she made her dad slowly change into them. They helped him unwind with beer and weed, and other occasional substances. But the one night she would never forget was the night that her father started to destroy her.

It was an average Saturday night which meant she wanted to go out. Saturday's meant the bimbo's sketchy friends, booze, pot and whatever else. But today her father insisted she stay. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and black shorts that summer night. She foolishly decided to stay and see what her father wanted. “Sam, you're eighteen, and it's time you became aware of some facts of life.” He patted his lap. She saw the bimbo sitting on the couch with Larzius, she doubted it was his real name but as usual he brought the party supplies so everyone respected the title. “First off, you should be nicer to daddy's friends.”

“What do you mean by that daddy?'

“Have you ever had crack before little girl?” the bimbo asked smoking a crack pipe.

“No, and I don't want to,” she said turning towards her. She suddenly felt her father's strong arms grabbing her pulling her down on his lap.

“Maybe you need just a shot,”

“No daddy, please.” Sam begged glancing at the needle. “Please daddy, I'll be good, I'll behave. Her father pushed her off and stood up.

“Take off the t-shirt and shorts” he ordered her while Larzaius held the needle for her to see.

“What daddy no,” Sam cringed , Larzaius brought the needle closer to her. She eyed the needle then looked at the bimbo. “Alright, I'll do it, just please get that stuff away from me.” She slipped off her pink t-shirt and dropped it to the floor. Sam glanced at the needle and started removing her shorts. She stood there standing in her white lace bra and panties.

“The bra to, let’s see those lovely young breasts,” Tears of frustration flowed down her face but she was more afraid of ending up like the bimbo. She bit her lip as her bra hit the floor

“Now come here and bend over daddy’s lap.”

“Please don't stick me,” Sam cried. “I don't want drugs.”

“Then behave yourself and get your ass here now,” Sam whimpered as she bent over her father's knee. The bimbo walked up to her humbled bent frame and produced a butt plug with nylon strings attached to it.

“This is going to be such a pretty tail,”

“What no,” Sam struggled as the bimbo started pulling down her panties, her father held her down. She started kicking, and flailing about before Larzaius approached her readying the syringe. Sam saw the needle and settled down. The bimbo approached her with her new tail. She felt a wet digit start to work its way into her asshole. Samantha cried out as the bimbo worked her digits in and out of her sphincter. She felt her father's spit go in her ass as the bimbo held her ass open. She then felt the rubber tip of something slowly being pushed into her ass. “No,” she screamed as she felt it being inserted deep from behind, she started breathing hard. “Daddy please...”

“Now you're going to be a good girl for now on aren't you?

“Yes daddy,” she cried as the plug went deeper into her.

“Promise” he told her her spanking her ass hard.

“Yes daddy, I promise.”

“Tell daddy you'll be a good little slut,” the bimbo told her.

“What, I'm not...” she felt a harsh slap against her ass.

“I think we just need to loosen her up a bit” her father said. To her horror he started turning the plug in her, and pulling it in and out thrusting it back and forth into her ass.

“No more daddy, please no more,” she whined. “I promise I'll, I'll be a good little slut.”

“Have a drink honey it will help you relax,” the bimbo told her. The girl sobbed but took the shot glass that was offered to her.

'That's a good girl,” her father cooed. He pulled the plug out of his whimpering daughter. She cried out in relief of the pain and felt her father's tongue press deep inside her mouth. She looked at her father with shock and disgust. Her father had kissed her the same way her boyfriend used to. She was further revolted as he started to suckle her tits while his hand went between her legs rubbing her crotch. The bimbo grabbed the plug and rolled it against her asshole

“No” she groaned all the while her body was starting to react differently than her mind. All her private regions were being stimulated at the same time and it was driving her insane. Her father took the plug from the bimbo and started pushing back into her, all the stimulation that was going started to overwhelm her senses and then to everyone's surprise she came. The shock from everyone allowed her the freedom to run to her bedroom and lock the door behind her. The shame overcame her, she came, her father of all people made her cum, she was being manhandled and abused and, and raped so why did she cum?”

Samantha heard a knock at the door.

“Your friend is on the phone should we invite her to come over and play instead,” she heard the bimbo say.

“No please just leave us alone,” Sam cried.

“If you come down and play we'll leave her alone, otherwise, well your daddy wants to watch a girl play with herself while he plays with their tits, whose are up to you,” Sam looked at the door, he didn't want her friend involved.

“Alright I'll be right out,” she walked over to the door defeated.

For the rest of the weekend she served drinks topless to her dad and his friends. She was also forced to wear the plug all weekend. They had come to an agreement she would let wear the plug and spend her time at home topless. Her friends were allowed to touch and play with her tits as long as it was no more then just fondling, their would be no intercourse of any kind. Her father had agreed to the conditions and Sam spent her weekend being fondled and humiliated by her father and his friends. But she should have realized that the bimbo had other ideas for her.


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