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Fun way to play with a bound submissive


Chinese MILF Cathy had just come home from working in her Restaurant. As she opened the door, a masked intruder ran up behind her and shoved her into the house, causing her to fall flat onto the carpet.

Wasting no time before she was able to get up, the intruder fell on top of her and pinned her small body to the floor.

As Cathy began to scream, a black gloved hand was placed around her mouth. Cathy tried to scream and struggle but was unable to break free.

“If you promise to not scream I will take my hand from your mouth” the intruder said.

Cathy let out a muffled yes to let the intruder know she would comply and be quiet.

“Cross your hands behind your back, and remember, don’t scream”.

When Cathy placed her hands behind her back, the intruder took a zip tie he had and tightly zip-tied her wrists together.

“There, that ought to hold you while I go and search the house” “ Oh yes, I forgot- need to keep you quiet”. “Here, since you loved the glove I had on, you can chew on this.””And don’t spit it out”, he said as he forced it into her small mouth.

The intruder then left Cathy on the floor while he went and searched the house. Several minutes later, he came back with a bag full of stuff he found.

“Well, look at this”, he said as he looked into the bag. You sure do have a lot of fancy Jade Statues.” “And some other things here as well- very kinky”.

“Time for me to leave- but need to do one more thing”.

The intruder pulled over a wood antique Captain’s Chair and moved it close to where Cathy was lying on the floor.

He then pulled her up onto her feet, cut the zip tie around her wrists and pulled the soggy glove from her small mouth.

“Let’s see what’s underneath those clothes”, he said to her. “Strip”.

At first, Cathy refused; however, when he pulled out his knife, she realized he meant business. She first pulled down her slacks and then took off her sweatshirt.

“There”, she said to him as she stood semi-naked in her matching red bralette and bikini pantie.

“All of it, sister”, he barked at her. “Unless you want me to cut them off you- and who knows, my knife might slip and cut your pretty alabaster white Chinese skin.”

Cathy proceeded to first remove her bralette, followed by her matching pantie.

“Boy your tits are small and I love your clean shaven smooth pussy.”

“Now, sit down in the Captain’s Chair and don’t move.”

Cathy sat down in the wooden Captain’s Chair. The intruder then took out two rolls of duct tape. He used the first one to tightly wrap both of her arms and hands to the arms of the Captain’s Chair. He then used the full second roll to wrap her small dainty legs and feet to each of the chair’s legs.

Once Cathy was secured, he stepped back to admire his handiwork.

Satisfied Cathy wasn’t going anywhere, the Intruder said to her: |”Been to the Dentist lately?”

“No”, said Cathy,” why do you ask?”

“Well”, said the intruder, “ Seems that Dentists know how to keep someone quiet when they pack the mouth with cotton”.

“Just what I plan to do with you.”

The intruder then took out a bag of cotton he found during his search and pulled out a big hunk of cotton.

“Open wide”, he said.

“No”, Cathy replied.

“OK, “ have it your way”. Holding the Cotton in one hand, he used his other hand and fingers to pinch her nose shut which forced Cathy to open her mouth to breathe.

The intruder then forced the large wad of cotton deep into her small mouth and then took out a roll of gauze he had and wrapped it around her mouth several times and then around the back of the chair to secure the gag in her mouth and her head to the chair.

The intruder then took out another roll of gauze and proceeded to wrap it around her small dark brown eyes and then around the back of the chair.

With Cathy now immobilized, gagged and sightless, the intruder said to her, “ time to leave, but I have one more thing for you.”

The intruder then took out the magic wand he found of hers, placed it against her clit and taped it on to her clit.

The intruder then plugged it in and turned it onto high.”

“Enjoy”, he said as he left with the goods and closed the front door.

Cathy was left struggling against her secured and tight bonds, moaning and screaming as best she could, while the Magic want brought her to endless clit orgasms and spasms.


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