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future mother in law

This is an experience that i had with my wife's mother before we got married. I met Regina in college. She was my junior and I wanted to fuck her the day i met her. But Slowly lust turned into love. We started seeing each other and things happened. Regina used to stay at a house near our college which she and her friends had rented. We used to hang around there during weekends.
It was a saturday and all our friends had gone home for the weekend. We decided to stay back and enjoy.she told me that she will have a surprise for me when i go to her place. So in the evening i reached her house.i knew there was nobody else in the house bc all her friends had also gone home. I wanted to shock her so i took of all my clothes and walked into her room. I pushed the door and screamed out "Surprise" but i was the one who was shocked and surprised. I found a big woman wearing a brown panty which covered her gaint ass who was soaking her boobs. The woman took a sheet and covered herself and asked "Who the hell are you and why the fuck are you nude" i am Regi's boy friend but who are you? I am Jessy,her mom and I had come to meet her,now if you dont mind wil you pls close the door and go wear some clothes,you made me pee myself let alone farting in fear. I left the room and got dressed and waited in the hall. Regina came just in time and was shocked to find me home. "Oh god,i hope you did not go to the bedroom as you always do" she asked. No,i heard someone farting inside the room so i waited here,i thought it was you i said. Oh come on,first of all i dont fart loudly and even if i do you wont hear it. My mom is in the room,she is the one who farted and i hope you did nothing else she said and laughed. Jessy came to the room fully dressed,i was still having her half naked image in mind and i was thinking about her big ass and her loud fart. Regi darling,is he your boyfriend,hope he is fine after what he just experienced said jessy. Come on mom,who doesnt know you fart a lot. He was afraid to ask and thats why he did not come to meet you said regina defending me. Oh realy,were you afraid son and you heard me fart?? Realy.if you did i am sorry i am a bit gassy and who cares about gas at 45. But anyeay nice to meet you son said jessy and hugged me. I felt het her tits press againts me. She went to the kitchen to make us dinner. I asked regi,why wont you tell me that your mom is home? I wanted to surprise you tough guy.i wished that you entered our room like you always mom would have killed you she said and laughed i followed her into.her room and we Fucked while jessy was in the kitchen. I was thinking about jessys big butt and tits the whole time. We dressed up and went to the kitchen,dinner was on the table. I was waiting for you kids to finish,i knew he wont take long said jessy both the ladies laughed. I was so embarrased.ohh son,i am just joking,i know you had extra reasons today which made it faster said jes and winked. Stop it mom, you are gonna make him break up with me said regi. We had dinner and went to sleep. We fucked again before we slept. I woke up at 2 am feeling thirsty so i went to get some water. I found jessy watching tv. Hey kid,hope you have clothes this time, or did you crawl out of bed the way you were under the cover? I had my boxers on but i had enough of this teasing by jess so i took em off and walked to her in the dark and stood in front of the tv. You were asking? Oh kid what the fuck she started to scream. I said i am sorry i had to tell her you farted and started to walk away. I felt a hand hold my nude ass ,jess turned me around and pressed me againts her took my hands and kept it on her huge bum. I wanted to have you in me ever since regi had shown me your pic kid. Dont worry..mommy wont tell anyoneband she started jerking my dick. She took me to her room and turnef on the lights. She was in he night dress which she took off in a flash. She mounted on me and put my semi hard cock in her pussy. Just as i imagined she said and started humping. I could feel her gaint Ass hit my thighs.i was hard and she realised it too. She bend over and put my dick in her asshole. It was easier than i thought. A small fart escaped her butt,she moaned and said make me fart more. I pumped her butt hard and with every trust a fart flew out of her ass. I came inside her butt.she pushed it out and rubbef it on her cunt. Now i accept youbas my son in law. Go sleep now. The meds i slipped in reginas wine wont last long,she said and walked into the bathroom covering her pussy and nipples. My jaw dropped hearing that. I put my boxees on an started walking.i could hear her ass queef from inside the toilet as i walked away


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