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Gas in the house

My mother in law, her mom and my wife's whole family had arrived to celebrate Christmas at our. This was our first christmas after marriage and everybody wanted to make it a memorable one. So we had 6 ladies and 2 men including me at the house. I knew it was going to be a nasty eve indeed with all those gassy women under the same roof.
All the women in my wifes family has gas related problems. Eventhough they were really cool about it, normal people like me who came from families where you have never heard a woman fart could never take it. I have 3 sisters and in 30 years i have never heard them rip one even in the bathroom or anyother olace for that matter. My wife on the other hand had a fart for any occasion and her mom and aunts could fart on command. Her mother's eldest sister was an eye catcher. Nearing her 50th bday she had the body which anyone would admire. No guy would deny her even at this age
But the only problem was that she was the one who farted the most in the family. The night they arrived at our home i could clearly hear her rip farts in the night and my wife who has the fetish of it could simply not let it go. She enjoyed every fart that echoed through the house that night. Xmas eve was glorious with all the food and beer that was consumed. I was the only one who had the courage to go to church that night since the others never wanted to embarrass themselves in the church by farting.
The sex was wonderful that night. My wife was extra horny with the fart backgroud her aunts were providing and even i gave a couple of loud stinkers right on her face while she was busy between my legs. I woke up hearing someone fart on xmas day. I knew it was not my wife. My mother in law came out of the toilet wishing me merry xmas. I wished her back and she said" I hope you did not hear me playing jingle bells, haha". Loud and clear mrs. Berry,you might even win a grammy for the best fart song i replied. She laughed and walked away. Even i had to use the bathroom becaise of the healthy dinner last night. The toilet was filled with my mom in law's fart smell so i had to jump out. As i came out renny, berry's 2nd daughter rushed into the toilet. As she entered she scremed " oh lord, mathew, what did you release in here. Hold your mother responsible for that renny, i said. I never got a reply for that but heard the toilet seat placed down and 3 long farts before she flushed. She came out with a smiling face. All yours mathew, you may go now. I entered the toilet as renny left and noticed her panty hanging on the mirror. Before i could say something i heard her voice, " i know its on the mirror matt, and remember you are married". I laughed and went to the toilet admist the smell of all those farts.
The whole gang left after newyear. By the time my nose was customed to foul smells in every room. Hope you had a great week my lil pigeons said my mother in law. Oh yes indeed, the joy is still lingering around here i said just to make everyone laugh. The next reunion is planned for thanksgiving. Lord save my lungs


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