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Girlfriend's granny

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for quite a long time. We used to live at her granny's house near our college. Alice was a typical granma who had a plus size body for her height and huge parts on her top. And bottom. I had noticed her ass the first time i met her. She had a round butt,wide hips nd a low fat waist.i was sure she used to give boys the hardest of hardons during her young age. So one day when we came back from college we saw alice home. "hope you two look after the place well" she said with a smirk. Yes grandma i said and hugged her. I could feel her 65 year old nipple on my chest.she prepared dinner for us that night. We ate like starving kids that day because it had been a while since we had used the kitchen other than for fucking. It was time to sleep and i asked my gf to sleep with Alice but alice denied. " you two bunnies dont bother me being home, and moreover i have some calls to make too" she said with a grin.
I woke the next day and walked to the hall in my boxers carrying my morning wood. I had forgot about alice and did not realise it till i saw her on the couch. My gf was sitting with her and was having a serious conversation. I heard alice asking mia "so does he eat it now? " i was like eat what? "No grams, i fart while he eats me out but i have never tried farting directly on his face. I have tasted his farts a lot". I was shocked to hear the whole thing and more shocked when i heard alice giving tips to my gf on how to make me eat her farts. My gf has farting issues and has less control over her asshole. May be alll the anal sex had loosened her butt. I walked into the hall and sat in front of alice. I could see her nipples point out of velvet robe.i looked down and realised that she was not wearing any panty. I suddenly looked up to find her staring at me. I was embarrassed and had nothing to tell her. She had just caught me staring at her cunt and tits."Not so good huh? " she asked.. I was like what? I mean i am not feeling so good, dinner was too " heavy and red" she said. I smiled and said yes granny. It was hot and spicy. ' yea kid, i could feel the spice when i farted in the morning, i thought someone lit my ass on fire,i need to poop more she said and walked away. I fucked my gf thinking of alice and ate her farts too that night. It was tastier than i thought.


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