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Go back to sleep

“Where am I? What’s happening to me?”, I asked out loud to a silent room. I tried to lift my head, but it was so heavy and throbbing. I opened my eyes and everything was blurry, the room was spinning. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes again. I felt warm.

The bed was soft and comfortable, and I rolled around under the covers, gathering my heat from however long I had been there. I didn’t know where I was or how I got there, and I also had a feeling that I couldn’t leave. I wasn’t restrained, and I couldn’t remember being told to stay, but I felt an intense throbbing every time I lifted my head.

As I writhed in the stranger’s sheets, I heard laughter, taunting and mockery, coming from the darkest corner of the bedroom. I turned my head towards the sound, but I could only make out hazy shadows when I opened my eyes.

I had no energy, and I started to feel scared and desperate. I wasn’t alone, but I still couldn’t help myself. I cried out to the shadowy presence, asking and begging for her to tell me what she had done. She rose from her chair, and as she walked towards me I caught a flash of light reflecting from the syringe in her hand.

I was scared beyond words and physically exhausted. My head fell back on the pillow, and I closed my eyes. Silent tears fell, and I felt her stroking my hair, telling me that everything was going to be okay. I took a deep breath, desperately wanting to know if I was safe. She whispered softly, “Shhh my sweet girl, go back to sleep.”, and I felt a pinprick in my upper thigh.


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