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Going Away Party

Charlie Hatten just got promoted and she's moving to Paris, France! Her best friend, Allison is throwing her a going away party on Friday night at their favorite karaoke bar. She invited her family, all her friends and her on off again boyfriend, Nick. She wasn't in love him, but she loves the way he fucks her! Charlie is going to have to find another man to satisfy her needs when she gets to Paris.

The songs were great, the company even better! At the end of the night, Nick took Charlie home. He rented a limo so neither one of them had to drink and drive. Charlie couldn't wait to unbuckle Nick's pants, she craved his cock!!! Charlie loves the way Nick thrusts it deep in her cunt!!! Nick will miss Charlie's moans, she's very vocal when they make love! He gets so hard for her! Charlie's tits and ass are soft, receptive to Nick's touch.

Charlie took Nick's cock into her hands, mouth, over the year they've been together Charlie practiced, now she can deep throat Nick's 8x3 cock!!! She'll miss his sweet cum, eating it as it dripped from her pussy! He drinks pineapple juice so his cum isn't salty. Nick spread Charlie's legs, began devouring her pussy. After her first orgasm, nick shoved his dick deep inside Charlie's hairless pussy, fucked her hard just the way Charlie likes! Nick grabbed her hips, ground his cock deeper, rubbing Charlie's clit. Nick squeezed, spanked Charlie's ass! He knows she loves to be spanked! Charlie moaned, mewed, screamed oh god! Yeah that's it, Fuck me!!!!! Nick's balls tightened, he squirted his hot cum in Charlie's cunt! He loves to see it dripping from her holes!!! Nick kissed Charlie's forehead, then her mouth tenderly. Nick walked his lover to her door, kissed her once more, whispered ill miss you, quickly walked towards the door, left. Charlie went to sleep w Nick's semen seeping from her pussy. She likes the squishy feeling.

The next few days were a whirlwind for Charlie! She finished packing, called Allison for a ride one last goodbye. The tears flowed, hugs were given and Allison promised in three months she'd come stay w Charlie to celebrate Charlie's 30th birthday.


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