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Gordon Township 2

Lila woke up horny. She crept out of bed, freshened up, got back in bed w Lennox and put his cock to her mouth, began suckling it like a baby, trying to milk it! Lila is gifted w no gag reflex! She deep throated his huge 8inches! Lennox turned her, began to eat her ass! He licked, kissed, darted his tongue inside her puckered pink hole! Lila squealed in delight! She wanted him to take her ass! It'd been almost two months since he'd anally made love to her! He lubed her ass, his cock, gently pushed it inside her tight hole! Lennox loved fucking Lila's ass! He lightly spanked her, doing it harder the closer he was to cumming! Lennox thrust his rock hard dick deep in her ass once more, his cum exploding in her asshole! Lila came three times that morning! They slept another few hours, got ready for the day.

Ava heard her daddy knocking on her door, she sat up, said, come in. Lennox sat on her bed, apogized for hurting her, but her behavior was unacceptable. Ava hugged him, said it's ok, I deserved it daddy. She promised to do better.

Later in the day, Cooper decided to take the afternoon off to go fishing. The lake has great big fish, perfect for dinner! He packed up his gear, lunch, off he went. An hour into it, he'd caught three big catfish. Feeling lucky, he cast out once more, but his line got stuck on something. Cooper didn't want to cut the line, so he stripped to his boxers, dove in to retrieve his line, hook. Seeing his shiny silver hook on a burlap bag, he brought it to the shore with him. Opening it, he couldn't believe what he saw! A skeleton!!! Weeks later it was identified as Mayor Mason's great aunt Jessica. The Mayor insisted that a relative of the Gordon's killed her! So, that's why the Masons hate the Gordons!


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