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Gordon Township

Ava Gordon is from a very influential family, her 3 x's Great Grandfather founded the town. Growing up Ava wanted for nothing. She went to the best schools, took voice, piano, etiquette classes. Their family was the pink of perfection! Gordon Township owed them a lot. Ava loved being a Gordon! She went on regular shopping sprees, getting free meals, never got a speeding ticket, even if she deserved one. When she turned 21 something changed, Sheriff Miller died. Mayor Mason hates the Gordons'. Ava would soon find out why.

Friday morning Ava woke up at 8am, had breakfast, left for her voice lesson. She loved driving fast and never getting a ticket! Although, that would change today. As Ava pulled the car out onto the straight-away she heard sirens, saw the flashing lights of the sheriff. Annoyed when she had to stop, when Cooper Barrett, the new sheriff spoke to her, Ava was rude to him! She said, "do you know who my family is?! You'll be fired in a heartbeat asshole!" He wrote out a ticket for $125, sent "princess" on her way! Ava was mad as a wet hen! She couldn't believe what just happened! She vented to her best friend, Joell at their lesson, and at lunch afterwards. Joell asked if he was cute and single? She's been unlucky in love lately, she's lonely and horny as hell! Last year her boyfriend, Peter cheated on her with his family's maid, Gretchen. Joell walked in on him taking her virginity. She heard the girl say be gentle, I'm a virgin. Joell flung the door open, called him a lying, cheating bastard, ran out in tears! To cheer Joell up, Ava got her drunk, ate her pussy. She's fooled around w Joell since 7th grade. Both girls preferred men, but occasionally enjoyed each others bodies.

Ava was brought back to reality when she heard, hey princess! It was the new sheriff, Cooper Barrett! She couldn't make a scene, her upbringing wouldn't allow it. Ava just smiled, asked how he liked Gordon Township? Cooper replied he likes it here very much! He hopes to stay a good many years. Anger seething, still unable to do anything about it, Ava grit her teeth, said, I'm sorry, but Joell and I must be going, errands to run, off they went.

Cooper was so happy to be the new sheriff! His deputies seem well intentioned, honest. He loves the area! Beautiful, open country, great fishing, friendly people, all except, Ava Gordon. She hates him! Cooper expected it though. Mayor Mason warned him about the Gordons', especially Ava. Cooper's heart stopped briefly when he first saw her. She's gorgeous! Deep auburn hair, bright blue eyes, milky white skin, with a hint of freckles, flashing smile! He was amused, even turned on by her sassiness! Cooper was lost in thought when he heard Ava's voice, chastising him for the ticket. He's amused, decides to further push Ava's buttons by giving her a parking ticket! She ran up to him, yelling, tried to slap him, but Joell stopped her! Ava may deserve a night in jail, but she didn't want that for her best friend. Joell took the ticket, apologized to Cooper, put Ava in the passenger seat and drove them to the lake to cool off. Swimming always puts Ava in a better mood.

Joell parked under a grove of trees, to shade the car. The girls stripped, dove into the crystal clear water! They swam, splashed, even kissed for a while on a blanket in the bright sun. Joell asked Ava if she'd fuck Cooper? Ava said, yes! In a heartbeat!!! You've heard of hot hate sex?! Well that's how I'd have to fuck him!

It was almost time for dinner, they headed home. When Ava walked inside her daddy yelled get your ass in here now! She entered the room w her head low, teary eyed, she knew what was about to happen, daddy was going to spank her!!! She lifted her dress, pulled down her panties, laid across his lap, braced herself for her punishment. Lennox Gordon expects perfection from his offspring! He was known to spank his help as well as his wife and children. He gave her 20 of his hardest spanks right on her sit spots! You'll get no more tickets young lady, do you hear me?!? Ava only replied yes sir. She knew better than to argue with him, if she did, he used his belt on her bare ass! Ava apologized, had dinner in her room, afterwards her mama came in and put lotion on her red, sore bottom. Lila was such a loving, kind person. Ava never understood what her mama saw in her daddy? He's an asshole most of the time! That night, she asked her mom how they met, fell in love? Lila got in bed w Ava and told her.

Lennox saw her across the street, walking towards the merchantile when two drunks started harassing her. He stepped in, escorted her on the rest of her errands. After a few months of courting, he asked her father's permission to marry her. Lennox is a lumber mill owner. He comes from a good family, so he agreed. Lila went on to explain that even though Lennox can be harsh at times, he does love them with all his heart. After kissing her daughter goodnight, Lila went to find her husband. Talking about how they met, made her quite amorous!

Lennox was in his study. Lila entered the room, closed the heavy wooden pocket doors, locked them. Then she took up her dress, showing her bald pussy, took it off, walking to his desk, she pushed everything off, sat on his desk and asked him to fuck her! Lennox didn't waste a second! He stripped, kissed his sexy wife! His strong hands massaged her inner thighs, making her moan loudly, she pushed his right hand onto her sex! Fingers thrusting inside her! Lila wanted to cum on his cock, she took his fingers out, sucked her juices off them, he kissed her hard, tasting her pussy on her tongue, lips! Lila whispered, please softly in his ear, Lennox rubbed his cockhead on her hairless cunny, pushed it deep inside her! He fucked her harder and harder, pistoning his 8in dick hard and fast! Lila screamed in ecstasy! Lennox shot his seed in her womb, spanking her as he came! Spent, they went up to bed.


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