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Granny Bombs

I met my girlfriend while in college. I liked her instantly. She was a average looking girl. Myra stayed with her granma rita and aunty sofia. We used to hang out at her place during weekends and whenever we felt like ' hanging out'. I loved Rita the first time i met her. Eventhough she was Myra's grandmother she looked young. Her tits were still firm and she had a good body too. I accidentaly touched her butt when she hugged me and i was surprised to find out the size of her butt. Her aunt sofia was 40 yrs old and single. Sofia was not as hot as rita but she could definitely make a guy whistle.
It was a weekend and we had decides to stay at Myra's place. Me, myra, rita and sofia And her colleague all had dinner together and went off to sleep. It was almost midnight when i had come out of our room to get some water to drink. I found Rita standing near the fridge. Hey Rita, what are doing up so late? I asked. Ahh nothing son, needed something, i think i found it she said and walked away. I could see her ass through her gown but i did not know why she took a carrot along with her. I took my water and walked to our bedroom. I could hear sofie moaning loudly from her room and i knew she was having s*x.
I woke up the next mornin.myra was still asleep. I dedide to get her some breakfast so i walked down to the kitchen. I found rita in tge kitchen having coffee. You are an early riser i guess, i said. Yeah kid, whatelse to do at this age. She said sipping her coffee. So do you like our family she asked while sitting down on the chair. Its the best i've seen Rita i told. I bend down to get a plate and accidentally farted. My butt was near ritas face and i knew i had totaly screwed it up. Ohh sorry Rita, i never meant to do that, i did not use the toilet.... Its fine son said rita stopping me in between. Its not like you killed someone. Its just hot air from your butt She said and took a deep breath.Do you have more in there? She asked and grabbed my ass. I was shocked and said No rita, and this is wrong. What? You farting on me? I dont think so. May be myra will if i tell her about you feeling my ass she said. Rita stood up and walked away saying i want to use the bathroom so i will talk later. I grabbed my coffee and went to my room. I heard huge farting sounds from ritas room i was gazIng at the door whEn i hearf sofias voice, its rita, she is a bit loud while she farts.


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