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Granny is back

Jerry was 26 years old. He married Betsy,a 25 year old bomb shell,and was living a happy healthy life. Both of them were sexually active and gave eachother what they wanted in bed. Betsy was bought up by her grandmother Alice from the age of 13. Alice,a widow,enjoyed her life eventhough she was alone. Alice,the 68 year old woman, looked young and used to be the fantasy of many men. Betsy felt embarrased when her granny was stared by boys while they went outside. Grannma,can we do something about your ass,those guys are literally hitting it with thier eyes Betsy used to say and laugh.
Jerry was also impressed by the Ass alice owned. He had fucked alice 3 days after he saw her. I hope you wont tell betsy about this,asked jerry while he licked alice's indian butthole. No dear,i wont.But do one thing,Eat this,Said Alice and let out a huge fart.Jerry was taken aback for a minute.he has had his sexual experiments but never did what he just had to do. He was farted on by a woman in his mouth.he felt humiliated.Before he could react he felt hot air hitting his tongue. He licked her farts even though they stunk. I ll return the favour said Alice and srarted rimming Jerry. He was getting his butthole licked by a woman. she kept urging him to fart on her face. Jerry tried and failed. Alice helped him shoot his juice and clean it. Tell betsy,you are not feeling well orelse you might not be able to fck her as she wants to.and one more thing,if she farts sniff it,she is well trained by me. said Alice and walked away. jerry dressed up and went up to his room to see Betsy naked on the bed watching fart porn. What were you doing down there,its been an hour. i hope you were not doing my granny,she said. No,not in this lifetime,said Jerry and started rimming his wife. her south indian ass was ripping fishy spicy farts as she came. Jerry farted on her daily and she did the same.


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