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He Pushes Me To Be A Better Me

“Ask for it nicely and I’ll give it to you,” he says just before he grins and winks at me.

Being in the gym is such a fun place to flirt and pass little comments between one another.

Not only are my endorphins through the roof, but the tone in his voice and the look he gives me turns me on.

“And what if I don’t ask nicely,” I say while giggling.

“Then you won’t be getting the kettlebell,” he says.

“Wait!” I catch him just before he turns around, “may I please have the kettlebell?”

“What was that?” He says, pretending he didn’t hear me the first time.

I roll my eyes, “may I please have the kettlebell?”

“You may, but don’t let me catch you rolling your eyes at me again” he says with grin as he hands it off to me and whispers in my ear.

We exchange words and looks for the next hour. He pushes me to be the best version of myself. He wants me to set goals and he wants to see me achieve them.

The last portion of my workout has two parts to it which I know is going to absolutely drain me.

As he approaches me, he laughs and says, “you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“I’m going to do this last part of the workout with you, I can tell you’re tired,” he says. “But, let’s make it interesting. If you beat me, you get to pick something fun you want to do,” he pauses.

“...and if you win?”

He grins, “then I get to leave pretty marks on your ass.”

My eyes got big, “what?! I’m so in and you’re going down.”

Let the games begin.

I absolutely killed myself on the last portion of this workout. And he absolutely blew me out of the water, finishing at least two minutes before me.

After we finish, I go to grab my water. As I’m drinking it, I catch him out of the corner of my eye.

He takes his shirt off. His muscles and abs are fully engaged from being used to smoke me on the last workout. Damn. He grabs his water to drink it, his hands look so firm, I wonder how they would look around my neck. His muscles glisten in the light from above as the sweat runs from his broad shoulders to the small of his back. He runs his fingers through his hair to remove pieces from his face, the messy look is amazing on him.

I grab my things and walk over to him, “well, it looks like you get what you want, champ.”

“And that’s not something you want too, beautiful?”

I grin, he knows I love being spanked.

“I thought so,” he says, “you did great tonight and you beat the goal you set when we started. I think that deserves a treat too.”

He let me choose something fun that I’ve wanted to do for a while. And he will get his “prize” for winning the bet we made ;)

I’ve been to the gym numerous times, but none as fun as this.


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