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Healing Love

Ellie has been trying to set up her friend, Liz with her cousin, Vince for a month now. Liz keeps saying she's not interested, but Ellie knows how perfect they'd be together. Vince came over to hook up the DVD player, fix a few things around their rental house. He's a jack of all trades. He works construction, knows accounting, dog grooming, he's also a masseuse. He loves the variety of all those jobs.

When Ellie asked him to stop by to fix the dishwasher she forgot to tell him Liz would be home. Vince wasn't there very long and he heard yelling, crying. He also has a black belt in karate, he ran into Liz's room expecting to have to punch some asshole out, but when he got in there, he saw her curled up in a ball, crying, yelling STOP, please STOP!!! She was having a terrible nightmare! He knew why, she must've been raped. Having an ex who was raped, he knew not to touch her unless she asked him to. As much as he wanted to reach out, hold her, he knew he couldn't. When Liz calmed down, woke up, Vince was sitting in the chair across the room. Liz has met him a few times, so she knows he's Ellie's cousin. Vince apologized if he scared her, he was fixing the dishwasher, heard her yelling, crying and thought she was being attacked only to find her entrenched in a nightmare. He asked if she needed a drink, kleenexes? Liz said yes to both. After Liz drank her water, blew her nose, she thanked him for checking on her, his kindness. Vince was surprised when Liz hugged him tightly, putting her head against his chest, began to cry. It had been over a year since her rape, since she's felt safe in a man's arms. Vince held Liz, let her cry, told her she's safe w him no matter what.

The next few weeks Liz and Vince hung out almost everyday. Ellie wanted to say I told you so, but she didn't. She decided to wait til they wised up, got married and as part of her maid of honor toast, that's when she'd do it! Haha!

Movie night was Liz's favorite! The theatre, smell of the buttery popcorn, great movies! Every Friday night was movie night, even if they just stayed in to watch them. They always chose feel good movies, comedies, old black and white movies too. The night before the DVD player broke again! Vince and Liz went to his place to get his DVD player. On the way back they stopped to get gas. Vince pumped, gave Liz money to pay for it, get snacks. When Liz got to the counter, out of the corner of her eye, Liz saw a man w a gun walk in, yelled, give me the money in the register and the safe! At first she panicked, but then she got angry! She took out her pepper spray, sprayed the robber in the eyes, karate chopped him, knocking him out, took his gun, called 911!

Vince had been teaching Liz karate, that's how she knew how to take the guy down. After the cops took their statements they went back to Vince's place. Liz called Ellie, told her she's staying w Vince again. She'd tell Ellie about the robbery tomorrow. Hopefully, she'd have a lot more to tell her best friend!

Liz changed into her pjs, asked Vince for a massage. He has magic fingers, hands! Tonight she wanted them all over her body! Vince had Liz lay on his massage table, get comfy. Liz smiled, waited to feel his strong hands on her. Vince was impressed, proud of Liz for her taking that guy down. He hoped it helped her feel more empowered, more in control. Vince massaged her shoulders, back, all over her body. When he was finished he kissed her forehead. Liz decided it was now or never, she stood up, put her arms around Vince's neck and pressed her lips against his. Vince wanted Liz very badly, but he didn't want to upset or hurt her. He broke their kiss, asked if she was sure, Liz said yes, asked if he had protection? He's a responsible man, he led Liz to his bedroom, opened his nightstand drawer, pulled out a box of condoms. Letting Liz take the lead, she undressed, showing Vince her curves. Vince's cock hardened, strained against his cotton shorts. Pulling them down, she said, hands behind your head and she opened the condom, gently put it on his cock, making him moan loudly. Liz told Vince to eat her pussy, Vince has masturbated to this very thought Several times! Spreading her legs Liz shoved Vince's face in her snatch, feeling his hot mouth, tongue on her honeyhole! Damn! Liz, you're soaking wet!!! That's when Liz looked in Vince's bright blue eyes and asked him to make love to her!

Vince kissed Liz tenderly, caressed her ample breasts, kissed, sucked on her nipples, positioned his cock at her pussy, slowly pushed it inside her, pulled out, gently making love to Liz. She straddled Vince, kissed him, their tongues danced, Liz rode Vince's dick, she milked it for his hot cum!!! Liz moaned, grunted, came hard! Hearing his lovers mews brought Vince over the edge, his cum exploded in the condom! Panting, they laid in silence for a few minutes to catch their breath. Liz sat up, took Vince's hand, told him she loves him, he told Liz he loves her too, they fell asleep.

Liz is no longer a victim, she's a survivor!

The End


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