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Helping The Neighbor's Mother

Four weeks ago when I let my neighbor, her mother, and our sons talk me into being tied up along with her and her mother, I never thought things would take the path they did.

The two of us had gone out to lunch. I stopped in at her house on the way home to say hi to her mother.

As soon as we got through her front door and saw her two fourteen year old daughters hogtied on the hall floor I just had a feeling that the rest of the afternoon might be just a little different than what I had planned.

The girls were laughing and giggling through their gags, so neither of us started panicking.

Both girls were jerking their heads towards the living room, so we walked around them to see what was going on.

Her mother was there, as were our two twelve year old sons.

Her son was behind his grandmother and mine was off to the side tieing a knot in the middle of a terrycloth strip.

Her mother said that she was glad we got home in time to join her and the girls.

My neighbor said sure and looked at me.

I hadn’t been tied up since my high school baby sitting days and was kind of taken back by what I was seeing.

My son put the terrycloth strip down, grabbed a piece of clothesline, walked over behind my neighbor, pulled her hands behind her back, and started tieing them.

She and her mother both kept prodding me to join in, and after a few minutes they wore me down.

I had only planned on staying a few minutes, but the five of us wound up hogtied and gagged on the living room carpet for almost two hours.

It took me maybe ten minutes to realize that there was no way I was going to free myself.

The girls had been carried into the living room and put along side us.

They seemed to think that they could free each other and were busily working on each others bonds.

My neighbor and her mother eventually managed to get close enough to each other so they could also try to loosen their bonds.

They were no more successful than I was working on my own.

After the boys untied us, we had coffee and just talked for another hour.

By the time I got home, the rope marks were almost gone and I made it to the bedroom and out of my clothes without anybody noticing the strange runs at the ankles and knees of my pantihose and how wrinkled my skirt and blouse were.

Well, things transpired unexpectedly, and here my neighbor and I were a little more than four weeks later serving as demonstration pieces for my neighbor’s mother’s bridge club.

Her mother had a bridge day the day after we were all tied up, just sort of happened to mention what happened, and somehow peaked the interest of the other seven women.

Well by means that are too convoluted to go into, I was convinced to help her mother out.

I thought that it would just be a simple matter of going to the bridge club and talking about what happened and explain how things felt as my neighbor was tied up by our sons.

My neighbor and her mother thought it would be better if her mother explained as the two of us were tied up.

Their reasoning that the others could see what was going on better if there were two groups sounded logical, so I agreed.

I hadn’t really thought that the boys would decide that they needed to practice at least daily and that her mother would totally agree that they should get as much practice as possible.

Easy for her to say, since she was never there when the boys practiced on us.

My neighbor’s daughters joined us a few times, but more often just sat there kibitzing.

So here we were, standing in my neighbor’s mother’s living room, each of us with four grandmotherly women watching as our sons tied us up.

Our hands were crossed behind our backs and well cinched together. A rope was wrapped around our waists holding our hands tight against our backs.

All our watchers tried crossing their hands behind their backs, all but two actually could.

They watched with real interest as the boys tied our elbows. Because of all the practice over the past two weeks my neighbors could actually touch, but I still had about a two inch gap.

The observers were really impressed, in fact several actually tried to see if they could make theirs touch behind their backs.

A few ropes around our chests and arms, above and below our breasts and the boys stepped back and let the bridge club get a closer look.

After a few minutes, my neighbor’s mother gave each boy a knotted terry cloth strip and we were gagged.

This really fascinated the women and they spent almost ten minutes seeing just how well we could communicate.

The boys guided us over to the couch, sat us down, and tied our ankles and knees.

My neighbor’s mother said that the demonstration was over, but one of the others asked about being hogtied.

So we were put on the carpet and hogtied.


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