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Her Lecture to Him, Her Discipline

Her Lecture to Him, Her Discipline

After coming home from his family get together Kim’s boyfriends found out from his cousin what happen. She was out Christmas shopping with his cousin last week. Kim and Mike have been in a domestic discipline relationship going on two years and a half now. She has only receive four actual discipline spanking. She hate them so much because she don’t have control or say in how bad they got.

She been used to maintenance spanking where she usually get medium force swats and it’s layered. A minute sometimes two minutes timed over her jeans, two sometimes three timed over her panties and two or three minutes timed on the bare. They were always with his hand and she always used her safe word when it started hurt to much but he would hardly ever go too intense. She had a high pain tolerance but she was used to abusing her safe word. Maintenance spanking always started slow and gradually increased in tempo. Erotic spanking were always bare and again she used her safe word for him to stop. He used a belt a few times during erotic ones but he would always respect her limits and her safe word.

Warning spanking were always done with a implement usually a belt she chose and layered, starting out slow and medium force but always had a specified number of whacks over each layer and still had and used her safe word all the time just because she could. Even though it wouldn’t end until she got the specified number. Last ten whacks were always pretty hard to drive the point that it was a warning. In a warning spanking she usually got fifty to sixty swats. She always be able to handle it because of her extremely high pain tolerance used her safe word a lot to pause or slow the swats down. She had always enjoyed being in control.

They had wrote out in detailed their discipline agreement and they both agreed to it. She helped wrote most of it with Mike’s input believing she would never end up getting real discipline spankings anyways. She agreed she could use some discipline in her life and she respected and trusted Mike with her whole heart. She was head strong, has a tendency to be controlling and always having to know everything but Mike was no push over which was one of the things she found so attractive to her. She also had a tendency to be stubborn. She had a few discipline spanking and hated everyone but took them non the less. It was essentially nothing less than a adult equivalent to real spanking a child would get, it always was unbearable and he never stopped until she was crying pretty good.

One of things he had zero tolerance for was putting herself in danger. He was always patient but doing anything to that put herself and others at risk was unacceptable. Honesty being equally important. He had many talks with her about texting and using her phone behind the wheel and has even given her a few warning spankings over the issue. A week ago she was out with his 13 year cousin, Emily, doing some Christmas shopping. After they got in the car, still in the parking lot she was trying text Emily’s mom and she put her SUV into reverse while she was pulling out and backed into a shopping cart that someone else was pushing and scratched the car. A few days later he saw the scratches. She told him she didn’t know how they got there. She was in complete denial and was bottle up inside. She even got a little defensive about his inquiry. His cousin told enough if the story in passive conversation at the family gathering they were both attending. On the way home here’s what happen.

There was silence for half of the 20 minute drive home.
In a concerned voice she said
I’m going to really going to get it when we get home aren’t I?
What do you think? He said trying to keep calm.
Now really concerned she spoke up.
Mike let me explain, you see. .
You used your phone texting behind the wheel and than lied to me about the scratches does that about sum it up? He interrupted her with a firm tone.
She swallowed hard and didn’t say anything.
You were with my cousin and put her life in danger, the life of someone in the parking lot and. . .
We weren’t on the road technically, so I wasn’t really driving and. . . As she tried to interrupted him and talk her way out of it.
Save it! He said firmly.
There was silence for the rest of the way home. He pulled up to house and stopped her just before she was going to get out.
OK, look, I’m not going to lecture you about this, this time.
She let a sigh of relief
You know exactly what you did and you know exactly what could’ve happen and you know exactly what your really in for.
She let out a deep breath.
No, I’m not going to lecture you. Your going to lecture me!
What? She queried
You are going to lecture me about you did, how dangerous it was, what could’ve happen to the people behind you. Your not going to be sarcastic, your not going whine or whimper. You going to tell me in detail exactly what happen or I will call Emily and find out myself. My aunt was wondering what kept you an extra hour that day. Your are also going thoroughly explain why I’m going to blister your behind. Your not going even ask me, your going to tell me in detail what you did, why you deserve it and you are going to tell me how I need to give you a discipline spanking for it. Than you are going to get our agreement, the two implements I used last time. Your going to remind me that I have given you two warning spanking over this and apparently you didn’t learn your lesson and as a result I’m going to give you a through discipline spanking so that you finally learn how important it is to your safety and other as well. You going lecture me about your obedience issues you had in that situation. Your going to lecture me about what your going to do while standing in the corner. You know the drill because I am usually the one giving you lecture. After the timer go off your going to lecture me about what is and what is not a part of a discipline spanking according to our agreement. Your going to go through what’s in our agreement step by step just like what I usually do when I’m lecturing you as you get ready. You also going lecture me about how I should and should use each implement for maximum effectiveness to get through to you. And you know how I use them but your going tell me how they should be applied. Your not going to complain, whimper or be sarcastic in anyway. Your going to give me a very serious lecture through whole process. You know the process is so I don’t expect you will forget anything. If I hear a whimper, any kind of sarcasm, anger, wining or anything else before I take the implement from your hand, you will start from the very beginning and stand in the corner again until you can get through the entire lecture with firmness and seriousness. The moment the implement is in my hand and your ready at my side than you can whimper, begging and pleaded all you want. But I better hear nothing but seriousness and firmness in the lecture your going to give me. Maybe having you articulate it yourself will help you understand and learn from what you did and what your going to get as a result. Your going to have to convince me with all seriousness why I should give a discipline spanking and tell me to give you one. Your not going to ask me, you going tell me! Is that clear?
She couldn’t say anything, she was still in shock. She couldn’t believe what he told she was going to be doing. All she could do is nod her head in acknowledgement.
Is there anything unclear about what I just told you your going to do?
Knowing she had to verbally answer.
No sir, it’s crystal clear.
Alright, your going to lecture me, your going convince why I’m going to give you a discipline spankings and how to administer it. You need to be very sincere! If I’m not convinced with your lecture, remember you will be standing again and start the process all over which will a third time in the corner, is that understood?
With stammering lips she managed to speak out.
Yes sir!
Alright, take some time get your thoughts together while I calm down too.
He released her arm and got out of the car without another word. She just sat there is shock. She was really good a lecturing and public speaking being a English graduate last year when she turned 23. But he turned the table on her. She had to lecture him about her discipline spanking she was going to get. The look of disappointment and hurt his eyes was enough to almost make her cry. She also knew deep inside what was feeling too about what happen. She didn’t know how she was going to do it without whimpering or trying to talk her way out. She finally went into the house because she was getting cold. He was sitting quietly in the living watching TV on the recliner chair. She waited for about hour working through what she was going say and how she was going to say it. The far living room corner was about 10 feet away from the dinning room table with no dividing walls. She knew he was going to want to start in the dinning room and move to the couch. She got the bamboo backscratcher and set down coffee table that half way between the corner and the dinning room. She got his thin leather office belt from his room and laid it down on the arm of the couch. Her heart was fluttering in trepidation. He saw what she was doing and didn’t say anything. She went to her bedroom and grabbed two large pillows. She placed one on the dinning room table and one on couch next to his office belt. She got the stepping stool from the kitchen and brought it to the dining room. Got their discipline agreement from his draw and came back pulled a dining room chair outward and sat down to collect her final thoughts.
Seriousness! Firmness! No whimpering!
She kept whispering to herself. As she sat there trying to take a few deep breaths. She was so use to listening to him lecture her. The past few discipline spanking which was almost 8 months ago, she was usually begging and whimpering trying to convince him not to spank her or reduce it to a warning spanking, which she managed to do when they first started with discipline in their relationship and she was texting and driving.
How am I going to convince him to give me a discipline spanking! Oh man, how did get myself in to this? Oh man, I’m really in for it.
She was whispering to herself as she was twitching her butt muscles in anticipation. Trying resign her fate but also know in her heart she deserved it was taking in some deep breaths. She focused on why she felt she deserved it. She took another 20 minutes or so to collect her thoughts and giving him time to calm down too. It’s now about 4:30 and normally he would be lecturing her by now but she knew she had to be convincing or she would standing in the corning many more times. She hated standing in the corner as much as she hating getting a real discipline spanking.
I can do this, what would he say? How would say things?
She kept asking herself.
Finally after another 15 minutes she stood up and a deep breath.
OK, Kim, be serious, be through, no whimpering!
She whispered to herself trying to muster the courage, stillness and get herself in a lecturing mode. She had a funny thought.
I should make a power point might as well spell it out to him if he wants a lecture so badly!
Taking another deep breath
No, no, I can’t be sarcastic Kim, have to be sincere or he won’t believe you!
She whispered to herself.
Exhaling deeply she got herself in a sincere and serious frame of mind. She slowly walk over to him with her hands in back Jean pockets. She reached him and held out her hand to him.
Mike, I need to talk to you about something that happen a week ago. It’s pretty serious, can we go over to the table and talk.
Giving her his hand.
Sure Kim, what you need to talk about?
As if he didn’t know she was sarcastically thinking.
She lead him by the hand over to the dinning room chair. She gently guided him to sit down. She sat down on his lap and placed her arms around him. Her feet were off the ground because she was only 5.7” and he was 5.11” and all muscles. Trying to get some security and help her stay calm herself, she gave a good long kiss. He didn’t resist and reciprocated hugging her and kissed her back. She gently pulled away and began stroking his head.
Hmmm, listen, I wasn’t completely honest with you about the scratches on the car and I’m afraid we are go to have to deal with situation. I lied to you, I know exactly what happen.
Really, what happen? He queried
I was with Emily in the Wal-Mart parking lot, I was behind the wheel. I was trying to text Emily’s mom’s that we were on our way when I put the car in reverse. I wasn’t paying attention and I backed up into a shopping cart while another customer was pushing it. Right behind the gentleman was his wife exhorting a young girl. She could’ve been pushing it I don’t know. The person to right of me was park and just getting out and saw that I was looking at my phone and how I wasn’t paying attention. I got out to make sure everyone alright. He was really angry and a man who just parked next mentioned that she saw the light from my phone in front of my face. The father was escalating a caught attention of a cop who came out from Police van parked in front for the holidays. They stopped the guy from getting physical and based on the witness and conformation from Emily, I got a ticket for $500 for texting and driving and recklessness. I was going to pay it and pay extra to the country to keep it off my records. I wasn’t going to tell you about and I told Emily not to say anything but apparently she didn’t listen, but it wasn’t her fault. The ticket is in my glove box in the binder of my owners manual in my car so you wouldn’t find it.
Really, you a ticket, you didn’t tell me and you lied about the scratches? He said with a very disappointing look.
Seeing the look in his eyes she began feeling really bad. Also she realized that she actually had two major and serious issues. She knew what was going to happen. She started feeling deep sense of remorse now but she had to keep herself together and continue to lecture him and what he should do about.
Now, I know you have giving me two warning spanking before about texting and driving and I do remember them. One was a year ago in August and one this past March. You have done everything you could up this point to trying to communicate how serious and dangerous using my phone behind the wheel really is. As much as I’m going to hate it, it abundantly clear to me now that your are going to have to give a very serious and very through discipline spanking for it. In fact, now that I’m talking about I know you will probably anyways, you’ll need give me another in a week or two after I fully recovered for lying to you and trying to deceive you about the scratches and the ticket. But today, unfortunately as much as I know you hate giving me one, you are going to have to give me a absolute real discipline spanking according to our discipline agreement.
She paused for a second and took a few deep breath. Trying to encourage her he said.
You doing good, Kim, take a few more deep breaths calm down and than keep going.
She waved her hand in front of her face trying not to break down and cry because as she was listening to herself talk. She was convincing herself more and more that she did deserve it and the feelings she had at moment was surfacing that she was trying so hard to bottle up.
A few deep breaths she continued.
The father was really anger and I thought he was going to strike me. Even though I wasn’t worried about because as you know I have a black belt in Kemp, that isn’t point. You know how driven and head strong I am and sometimes I focus so much on getting things done, I didn’t slow down and see what’s happening around in the moment. I sure wasn’t setting a good example for Emily either.
Raising her voice a little for emphases and working through what could’ve happen and starting to feel those things she was feeling when she saw the girls face that she bottling up inside.
You know, come to think of it, I’m dam lucky I didn’t hit him or his wife. I’m dam lucky I heard the car hit the cart. I could’ve ran them over because of my negligence. If that would’ve happen I could’ve wound up in jail with charges against me and endangerment. Worse yet, I’m dam lucky I didn’t hit the child who they were escorting. It’s better to accept a discipline spanking than to end up with the guilt of accidently killing someone some day. I was dam lucky but that doesn’t excuse what I did, I should’ve known better, I should’ve listen to you and put my phone in my dam purse the second I got in the car but I didn’t. But I know one thing for dam sure, after you give me dam good spanking according to our agreement that I’ll do just that for now on.
Hearing herself lecture out load about herself and what she did turned out to be more therapeutic than she imagined. The more she was lecturing and forcing herself to articulate in her own words more she was remembering what felt and what she tried suppress inside her. She was looking into his eyes and feeling the hurt she caused to herself and him. She began believe her own words not only that she deserve it but maybe she really did need it. She slowly put her arms around him wanting some reassurance.
I know your going spank me pretty dam hard, I just need to know your not angry inside. She said in In almost a whimpering tone.
He reciprocated held her tight. In soft gentle tone.
I’m OK Kim, I’m actually OK believe or not the better your lecture on yourself about it the less I’m upset. You doing dam good job at it. And yes, I am going to do just what you said, I should do.
Letting out a little whimper Ohhh, yes sir. Can you just hold me for a few moments?
Knowing she was just looking for some reassurance that he was in complete control. He just held her for a good five minutes until she was ready. She pulled away to gave another long kiss. She gentle pull away from his lips and looked directly into his eyes with a more remorse.
Shall we get this over with?
Might as well Kim.


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