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Hide and seek

Hey little girl, do you like to play games? Yes? Oh goody, me too.

Today we're going to play a little game of hide and seek. I'm the seeker. You should run away from me, far and fast, because you are not going to be happy once I hunt you down. I'm going to close my eyes and count backwards from a hundred, and I can't wait to see how far you make me run. or not here I come.

God fucking damnit. Fuck you for making this so fucking difficult. I know you can't hear me, yet. I'm stil on the hunt. I'm just really fucking pissed at myself for choosing to play this game with you in this unfamiliar territory. I told you to go run and hide in the dark in the desolate woods behind your house, and I made myself the seeker. What the fuck was I thinking?

You grew up in these woods and you know every tree stump and every low-hanging branch. You know every shadowy corner and where to find all of the best trees for climbing. And I didn't even remember a fucking flashlight. You think you're so smooth and sneaky, don't you sweet girl? Making it impossible for me to find you when you're the only one with foreknowledge of this foreign landscape. Yeah, you're really fucking clever, and don't you just know it.

I'm still hunting for you, precious child. Don't think that my volatile fury is going to make me give up. Your malevolent tricks only fuel me, and you are making things so much worse for yourself once I track down you and your dripping cunt. Every time the leaves rustle on the ground or the wind blows through the branches, my sense shift to high alert. I will find you. Don't doubt that for a second, princess.

I hear some branches shake, and I jump at the thought that maybe I found your silly hiding place. Again and again it's just the wind, and then I remember exactly where I am. These are your trees in your woods, and we are playing this sick game because you gave me permission to play. Now I'm lost and alone in your twisted labyrinth that you designed so that no one can ever find you. And I am stuck here.

Come out, come out, wherever you are. This is fucking miserable. Why should I bother looking for you when you don't want to be found? You wanted to let me think that I could be the seeker just this once, and it feels the exact same as when I am hiding. You know how to stay hidden and you know how to keep me exposed and trapped. I will keep wandering around your grim maze, silently peeking under every rock, hoping to learn more and more about this place you know so well. And you know what, I already know how this game is going to end, or at least I've narrowed it down to three outcomes.

I will keep desperately searching for you long after you've retreated to safety, only I will think that you're still lurking in these damn woods. I will eventually trip on a root and badly injure myself, and there won't be anyone to help me before I starve and die alone in your game. Or you are waiting for me, hiding in plain sight, hoping that I'll find you just like you want. But it's too late for that, sweet girl, I'm already too tired of your games. I'll sooner let you die alone in the dark than bother to look just a little bit deeper.

The only other outcome is likely the most excruciating and the most inevitable. I told you that I am not familiar with this territory. I love playing all sorts of games with you, my sweet little nightmare, but I tried playing before I even knew the rules. Now I'm lost in this freaky forest and I can't find my way out. But you can. All that's left for me to do is save my energy and relax a bit while I cling to the desperate hope that you will wander back to me and find me before I die out here, stranded and hopeless.

But I'm the seeker, remember? Keep hiding bitch, because counting backwards from one hundred I gave you a hell of a head start.


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