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His Birthday..Part One

He'll be home in a few hours, and I'm sitting here in my birthday suit, staring at the room trying to figure out what to do for his birthday... The wall? The dungeon. Toys? Oh! The toy wall!!!

Uhhh your not aloud to touch the toy wall.. remember miss? last time?.. You were exhausted before Sir even got home. 

I quickly shut my conscience out thinking it'll be ok. It's his present!!

Laying the toys careful to touch each potential Play area with at least 2 toys...

Bed: vibrator & flogger

Chair: Blind fold & handcuffs

Couch: Rope & crop

Bench: vibrating plug & collar

I inspect my handy work one last time and kneel by the bedroom door. My spot. Obedient as always. I wait. Head bowed, in position. I wait.

I hear him down stairs, he's calling for me, I don't answer knowing he'll come looking. The door opens. I feel the hair change as he freezes.

"Oh, miss. What did you do"... I peak up just in time to see him finish his scan of the room and lock onto me...

"Umm.. happy birthday, Sir?!!" My eyes instantly drop back to where they are supposed to be, as he walks past me. Silent.

I feel him move around the room. His feet reappear in front of me.

"Up miss". He takes my hands leading me to the couch. I glance at him as he sits me down. Tying each limb off. He comes back to my center.

Crop in hand......

    "Miss... you've been busy today...for me?"

- yes Sir.

    " How sweet of you,  I've chosen this area first, to say thank you.  Because this tapping the crop lightly between my thighs is your favorite".

Oh he's making me melt,  instantly I moan for him as he stays silent tap tap tapping up and down my inner thighs. Edging me oh so close. He dives in front and kisses each tap mark lightly until he gets to my wetness, lapping me up. His tongue devouring me until my juices rush his face. My body shivering in desire for him. He kisses up my body, untying me.

"Miss, down."

"Crawl to the chair, that was your thank you.  Now for my present."...

I obey kneeling just in front he walks over.

His slacks tenting he sees me looking..

"You may."

I quickly take of his belt and undo his pants shrugging them down to his ankles removing them. I feel his hand on my head stroking my hair.

"Such a good girl"

I. instinctively smile as he runs his thumb across my lips,  they part and he's in me without warning.  Hard and fast. Gagging.

He stops, grabbing the cuffs, he pulls me upright. cuffs me around my back. He blinds me forcing my head to the chair.he trials his fingers from my neck to my ass, sending shivers down my spine. Then smack! Just one. Hard enough to sting. I inhale hard yelping. He drives into my pussy furious pace. Rocking my core.


"You, will not cum again, girl".

My body shaking, yessss Sir

As he explodes into my depths. Filling me with his seed. I can feel him constrict and withdrawal. Lifting me by the cuffs, he's in my ear.

"Oh, my beautiful miss. I hope you enjoyed the couch because it's only going to get harder to control that orgasm from here. Disobeying a top rule, and its MY day... shame."  ....

His light evil chuckle. Chilling.

"I hope you're ready."


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