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Hollow Eyes

I opened my eyes and blinked until she came into focus. The floor beneath us was spinning. There she was above me, my captor. My head was too heavy to lift, so I lay limp, enshrouded in her muted pelts that coated the floor.

My body felt numb. I couldn't distinguish whether she was holding me still, or if my limbs paralyzed themselves. All I could do was look up, transfixed in the deep black of her hollow stare.

I searched the depths. I thought I might catch a hint or glimpse of who she was or is. Radiant, intoxicating, breathtaking, and that's when I knew.

Can my captor be my savior?

Someone took her breath away a long time ago. Apathy in her bittersweet eyes watched me realize. She was already dead and never intended to save me. I cried and tried to look deeper.

I saw dark shadows and shards of ice. I looked closer and saw her eyes had no light. Malignant pain in her ancient soul pierced and consumed her until she died. Lifeless and empty, I couldn't look away. She was so tragic, and so beautiful.

I began feeling and wanted to stay. I was captivated by and trapped underneath my captor. I was her prey. I couldn’t avert my gaze. I thought I saw a flicker in her hollow eyes.

I felt her warmth around my wrists. She had me pinned, and I regained feeling. My body trembled, and I started feeling cold. My heat rushed out of me. She was invigorated, and I was growing weak.

She took all of my heat and left me on the floor. I then remembered that she had died, and I realized that I too was now dead. She stole my soul and my final breath. She left me lifeless before I could ask her what she wanted from me, if anything at all..


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