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Another sleepless night. My brain won’t shut down and give me the peace needed to fall asleep. I hear your rhythmic breathing next to me, soothing and consistent. I try to match my breathing to yours with hopes of drifting off with no success.

I rise and I instantly feel your hand on my back. Like always, you’re right there checking in with me, looking for ways to help, guiding me with your care and concern. You suggest I get up and take a moment to vape. Maybe with a moment out of bed and the help of the soothing effects of my vape, I’ll be able to finally rest.

When I return, you’re waiting for me wrapping me in your arms while I’m on my side with my back against your front, your left arm under my head. You’re molded against the length of my body. Your right hand starts to caress my arm slowly, sensually and with reverence. I can feel your heat where our bodies our joined. Your groin is pressed against my ass.

Your strokes move to my head, down my hair taking the thoughts from my mind and gently melting my worry to oblivion. This, this is what I need. Your closeness, your touch, your gentle caress and the connection I feel radiating from your fingers.

Your caress continues from my hair down my arm, the curve of my side, the mound of my hip, over my thigh and down my leg. You make me feel beautiful, adored, loved.

When you continue the track back up my body, I feel the increase of the pressure in your touch and the scrap of your nails across my skin changing the sensation to a more intimate and erotic stroke.

The connection between us is palpable making my breathe increase as my body begins to respond to your sensuous touch. Again and again you travel my body with your hand turning my mind off and my body on while it waits for each stroke.

Involuntarily, my hips start the slow undulating movement that signals my desire and need against your centered heat that is resting against my ass. My breathing continues to increase, my free arm starts to reach around stroking up your arm, behind your head caressing your nape, moving into your hair and gently gathering a handful of hair while I slowly grip tighter desperately holding onto you.

My body starts to shudder, my breathing coming close to hyperventilating. Your hand makes its way to my face and I begin to suck on your fingers one at a time, slowly drawing each finger deep into my mouth while I suck strongly on your finger. I hear you groan.

Your arm that’s been under my head this whole time folds in on my neck and gently squeezes while the other closes over my mouth and nose. I can feel the pressure increasing while the world slowly fades to near black. Everything settles, my world is righted again.

You roll me onto my belly stroking me from my head, down my back, over my ass and back up between my legs where you feel the moisture on my thighs between my legs. Your finger finds my core and starts to caress my clitoris in slow circles. My legs open wider desperately looking for more. Your arm presses down on my lower back holding me in place while you deliberately take your time circling over and over again. I can’t take much more. I need to wiggle to increase the speed or strength of your touch, but you take your time deciding when and what you’ll give to me/take from me.

The word please starts to flow from my mouth over and over again. Finally, your finger is inside me, first one gliding slowly in and out where it is eventually joined with another with each stroke taking me higher and higher. You find that spot inside me where my pleasure is highest and caress it over and over again. Your lips find mine in the most erotic of connections as I finally release the tension in a bone melting orgasm.

You gather me in your arms once again and I drift peacefully to sleep whispering I love you and thank you over and over knowing I’ve found my home.


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