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Hot pleasure with David

It has been already 17 years but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was 25 yo and I started to date David, 20 yo blond hair boy with blue eyes ans such nice smile. It was just month I was dating him and we planned to go somewhere together but I accidentally came 1 hour earlier. I knocked on the door and David's younger sister Alissa opened for me. She was the only one from Daviďs family who knew about us, really nice girl we could trust. At that moment I realized that I'm 1.5 hour earlier at David's house than we planned. I asked Alissa where is my boyfriend and she said : " He's in our exercise room in the back, sweating on treadmill or exercise bike. He is working a lot on his physical shape. " She led me to the exercise room and I saw David still riding the bike. It was pretty warm there because it was right on the sun and I was really surprised that my boy is in such good physical shape. Finally he stopped exercising and it was also first moment he spotted me.
I was close to him and looked in his pretty face, all shiny with sweat and saw how drops of sweat running down his pretty body and soaking in his shirt. My cock was hard like stone in seconds. David stopped exercising and looked at me : " I think you here little bit early. " He smiled at me when I spotted my hard cock. " What got you such aroused, Patrik? " From my teen age I was really extremely aroused watching nice boys and girls to exercise and loved to watch how some of them getting totally sweaty. Then I masturbated till strong orgasm but after that I felt ashamed that my fantasies are " not normal ". So my David was first person I said what such extremely arouses me. I looked in his eyes and said " David, it's you, your body what makes me such horny. You must sweat from every pore of your body. David, I need you right now, I want to take off all your clothes and see your body. Then I will play with you and slowly get you closer and closer. I love so much to hear you moaning and explode in pleasure. But first you must drink lot of mineral water, my dear boy. David, can I ? " He smiled and nicely surprised me : " Of course you can, just make sure I can watch how you orgasm. You know how I love to watch you cumming ". We can feel safe because my sister would warn us. " I kissed him again : " Babe , I'll cum on your body, yes you look like after bath, your whole body. I'm also proud of you that you exercise such hard, most boys would have it up but you are my special boy and I must hug you, yes, i feel how I'm getting all wet from your sweat and I love to smell you, my boy, I'm such horny. David's room was right next to it. He put some towels on the bed and said : " Come to me my horny boy, yes caress my body. " I loved smearing drops of sweat running down his body and soon I made his cock also really hard. David had usually really strong orgasms what I loved so much. I knew he was feeling better and better and then i changed my position and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck. I could feel my boy is such close so I finished him licking his cock with my mouth. I said : " Now I want that you cum all your load allover my face. " Few more seconds and my boy was almost screaming, his body shaking, dripping sweat and cummed on my face and body. Then he laid down and relaxed a while. he said. : " Patrik, you are such amazing lover. I cannot believe I'm sweating so much and you also getting sweaty, Patrik. " I felt I must press to my boy's body and put my head to his chest. I whispered : " David, I love you so much, I can smell your body and I feel like in heaven, yes, dear caress my fucking cock. " Last seconds and I so so changed my position, and with look at my boy's sexy body I felt such strong pleasure I almost lost consciousness. 5 spurts of semen nicely flooded my boy's body. David said I was also pretty loud. I never cummed so huge load in my life. And that relief then. I said : " David, Thank you for such amazing pleasure. I hope I can have your body after next training as well. " He smiled at me and said : " Of course dear but under the condition that we next time exercise together. Your body also needs thorough sweating and I want your body." We went to shower, dressed and Alissa was smiling on us and asked : " I think you must feel amazing, boys, don't you? " David smiled on her : " Guess like you 2 days ago. " Next week I visited David again and that time Alissa was in her room with her boyfriend and I could hear her orgasm was amazing as well.
And day after David and me explored how amazing can be petting two boys, both sweating like waterfall and orgasm at same time. But about this next time.


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