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Husband and Wife have romantic evening interrupted by burglar

Tom, age 55, and Sofia, age 53, have been married for over 25 years and currently live in a small suburban ranch style home that has three spacious bedrooms, a nice sized kitchen-dining room combination and a cozy living room with a fireplace.

Tom is a white-collar professional who has been an accountant with a large firm for over 20 years and now is a Senior Partner at the firm. His wife, Sofia, has worked as a Legal Secretary with a large Law Firm for over 20 years. They have a daughter, Sarah, who is 22 years old and is now living away at a local University where she is studying to be a Doctor.

Even though Tom and Sofia are in their mid-fifties, both are in very good shape as they enjoy golf and tennis together, as well as working out at the local gym.

Tom is about 6 feet tall, has dark black hair, and a well-shaped muscular body. Sofia is about 5 feet tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and has a tanned and athletic body as well. She has small breasts, and a completely shaved pussy which Tom enjoys licking whenever they make love.

Now, since their daughter is away and they are now considered empty-nesters, Tom and Sofia have more time for intimate relations and on occasion, mind-blowing sex.

Tonight was Friday, and although Tom and Sofia usually go out every Friday for a “Date Night”, tonight they both decided to stay home, order food in (they both loved Pizza), and watch a movie on their local Cable Channel.

Since they were home, both were dressed very casually- Tom was wearing a pink polo shirt and grey slacks, and Sofia was wearing a purple t-shirt and a pair of black jogging pants. Since they had already planned to have sex after the Pizza and Movie, neither was wearing any underclothes.

About twenty minutes into the movie, Tom and Sofia heard the Doorbell ring. Thinking it was the Pizza Delivery Guy, Tom got up and went to the door. Looking through the security peephole in the door and seeing the man holding the pizza and dressed as a delivery person, Tom opened the door.

As tom opened the door, the fake Pizza Delivery Man shoved a gun into Tom’s face and said, “turn around and don’t make a sound.” After Tom turned around, the Pizza Delivery Guy pulled out a mask and put it over his face.

“Walk into the Living room, and don’t make any noise.”, the masked intruder said.

Sofia, who was so engrossed in watching the movie, saw Tom walking into the room with the masked man walking behind him. Sofia became startled and started to speak. However, the man told her to be quiet or else he would shoot her husband right in front of her.

Seeing that Tom was in danger, Sofia keep quiet. The Masked man then shoved Tom towards Sofia and Tom fell onto his wife on the couch.

Getting up into a sitting position, Tom and his wife Sofia said, “What do you want? Please don’t hurt us.”.

The masked man, said to them, “I am not a rapist, and am not going to hurt you. I need to get some money, and a car. And since I saw your nice looking new model car in the driveway, I figured you two would have some money as well.”

Tom said to the masked intruder, “if you are not the pizza delivery guy, where is he?

“Don’t worry”, the masked intruder said, “I left him tied up in a stolen car I used and took his delivery vehicle.”

“Look,” Tom said, “You don’t have to do this.” “You can leave now, and we will forget that this whole thing happened.”

“Enough”, the Masked intruder said. “No more talking.”

The Intruder pointed his gun at both Tom and Sofia and said, “maybe this will make you shut up and cooperate.”

Fearing for their safety, Tom and Sofia stopped talking.

“Much better”, the masked intruder said.

The masked intruder pulled out a black zip-tie and said to Tom, “Use this to secure her wrists together behind her back.” “And make it tight.”

Tom had his wife lean forward and he reached behind her and as instructed, tightly zip-tied her wrists together behind her back.

“Lady, you sit there quietly and don’t make a sound.” “And you”, pointing the gun at Tom, get up and show me where all of your valuables are.”

Tom took the intruder into the master bedroom and opened the drawer where he and Sofia kept all the jewelry. As Tom started to take it from the case to give to the Intruder, the Man told him to stop.

“I don’t want the jewelry.” Too easy to trace.” “Give me your credit cards, ATM cards, and all of your cash. “And give me the pins for each of the cards as well.”

Once Tom had given the Man wearing the black mask all the credit cards, ATM cards, cash and pin numbers, the man had Tom walk back to the living room and sit down on the sofa next to his scared and terrified wife.

As Tom and his wife Sofia watched, the man reached into his coat pocket and pulled out some lengths of rope and a roll of duct tape.

The Masked intruder also pulled out a scissors. Handing the scissors to Tom, the man said, “Cut off the zip tie.”

Tom took the scissors, had his wife sit forward, and cut off the zip tie that had been tightly secured around her small petite wrists.

“Hand me the scissors”, the man said to Tom.

Once the man had the scissors, he then said to them, “stand up and walk into the bedroom.”

Both Tom and his wife Sofia got up and walked into the bedroom, with the man walking behind them and holding the gun on them.

Once inside the bedroom, the Masked man said, “stop and strip.”

Fearing for their safety, Tom and Sofia both removed all their clothes until they were both standing in their birthday suits.

The man then handed Tom some rope and the roll of duct tape and said, “Lady, turn around with your back towards me and place your hands and wrists together.” “Sir, tie her wrists and hands together, and then wrap them tightly in tape.”

Tom took the rope, tied it tightly around his wife’s small wrists, and then wrapped several layers of the tape around her hands and wrists over the rope.

“Very Nice”, the Masked man said.

“Lady,” he asked Sofia,” “Ever been tied with a crotch rope?”

Sofia shook her head no. “Well,” the masked man said, “today’s your lucky day.”


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