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I came all over your shirt, and I’m not sorry.

I slip your shirt on over my head and deeply inhale. It smells like you. It smells like memories of me wearing it to bed, having you slide it up and plunge your fingers in my soaking wet cunt. It smells like you pinning me over your knees and spanking my ass until I drop into that peaceful place and my ass is hot and pink under your hand. It smells like your devilish words in my ear, arousing me with simply the sound of your voice.

I can’t help myself, I let my hand wander between my thighs and feel the slick wetness. I lean back and close my eyes, again inhaling the smell of you, I push two fingers inside my cunt as I moan and imagine it’s you. I finger myself briefly, causing the wetness to drip down to my asshole and mark the sheets. I need more, I need more touch, I need more memories, I need to cum.

I lean over and grab my three favourite toys from the draw. No toy ever comes close to what you can do, but I need that intensity, I need to feel vulnerable to something, I need to close my eyes and be taken to a deeper place.

I slide the cock shaped one deep inside my pussy and turn it on. It slides in easily and my hips buck as I enjoy being filled, in my mind I see you grabbing my hips violently and thrusting your cock in deep, making me cry out at the combination of pain and pleasure. I imagine your warmth, your smell, the pressure from your fingertips.

Next I add my plug in. I’m soaking wet from my cunt juices dripping down and with a little resistance it slides in with a gentle pop, I groan and imagine your fingers probing my ass, followed by your tongue. The way I tense with uncertainly and nervousness at the taboo of it. The way I’m terrified of you somehow becoming repulsed by me from doing it, like it makes me less of a woman. And the way it feels oh so good, hitting every nerve ending all at once, making my cunt clench and drop onto your tongue.

Finally I add the womaniser and imagine the way your mouth makes love to my cunt. How your tongue swirls around the inside of my cunt, lapping at the juices, all the way to my clit. The way you sigh on me as you get the satisfaction of tasting how wet you make me. Then take my clit in your mouth, sucking it deeply and flicking your tongue over it. Thrusting your fingers deep inside causing me to buck and moan craving more and more.

The build up begins, my breaths get shorter and my heart rate increases, my hips continue bucking and wetness is now slicking my hands and thighs, a sheen of sweat begins to form on my face, the warmth and the tingling increasing, the feeling becoming more and more intense. In my mind I ask for permission to cum, and then it begins, my thighs clench together tightly and my hips lift off the bed. I let out a low moan, followed by others in quick succession. I bite my lip and the moans turn to whimpers as I start to come down from my orgasm. One by one, I turn off and remove my toys, first the womaniser, then the one in my cunt. I go to remove the one in my ass, and find it already on the bed, the intensity of my orgasm removing me for me. My breathing begins to return to normal. And now I weigh up the complexity of my situation, wash the shirt and remove the smell of you, or keep it despite it being slicked in my cum.


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