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I came without permission

“On your knees babygirl”

I drop to my knees instantly, licking my lips eagerly as he pulls his cock from his pants.

I look up at him, pleading with my eyes to let me have a taste. He taps it on my cheek, around my mouth, teasing me by wiping his pre cum on my face. I quickly try, and fail, to take it into my mouth. Suddenly he grabs my hair making me cry out with my mouth wide and he thrusts his cock in all the way, causing me to gag and splutter as his cock hits the back of my throat. He thrusts again, and already the tears are starting to run down my cheeks, running my mascara in black streaks through my makeup. His cock becoming coated in my saliva. He continues his assualt on my mouth, groaning in pleasure at my throat contracting on the head of his cock. He pulls me off and I quickly pay attention to his balls, licking and sucking them, taking them in my mouth. He pulls me off and slams his cock back into my mouth, barely giving me a chance to breathe. Fucking my face until tears are streaming and he decides I’ve taken enough. He tells me to get on the bed on my hands and knees. I close my eyes, expecting to feel his cock slide into my dripping cunt, craving to be filled. But instead I feel the belt come down hard on my ass, causing me to cry out in pain and I know to count the strikes, or my punishment be doubled. His hands run over the hot skin on my ass, he shifts and with a gasp I feel his tongue probing my cunt, licking all the way to my clit, down to my ass and back. I moan and buck as I hear his warning

“Keep still babygirl”

I try my best to obey as he sets to work, licking and sucking my clit as his fingers dive deeply into my cunt, making me moan in ecstasy as he hits all the right places. He finger fucks me hard, and I can feel my cunt getting bruised as the pleasure mixes with the pain and he brings me closer to the edge. I can’t help it, I’m starting to fuck his fingers but he’s so lost in the taste of me he hasn’t noticed yet. I can feel I’m getting closer as my cunt starts getting tighter on his fingers, dripping down his hand as my clit engorges in his mouth. Just as I’m about to ask for permission to cum he slams two fingers from his other hand into my ass, slicked from my wetness. I barely manage to get out a “please” before I start cumming violently on his mouth and fingers, squirting onto his chest as my orgasm rocks through my body. I finish cumming and he shifts behind me.

“You came without permission, you’re going to pay for that” he growls in my ear, as he covers his fingers in my wetness, rubbing my asshole. Suddenly he slams into my ass, making me squeal with pain as he begins fucking me, using me how he wishes. I cry out “no it hurts” and he shoves my face into the pillow, pulling my arms and pinning me by my wrists behind my back, continuing taking my ass. Suddenly he stops, I dare not move, knowing I will be punished if I do so without instruction. He returns and slides back into my ass, moaning as he feels the tight hole opening to accept his cock. I hear the familiar buzz of a wand and can’t help but moan myself as it’s placed on my clit while he slowly fucks my ass. He begins to speed up his thrusts and as he does so, speeds up the wand, I can fast feel another orgasm approaching, so ask in advance, before I’m on the edge. He leans over and whispers menacingly in my ear “I can’t hear you babygirl”. I ask again, louder, and he leans down again, into my other ear and whisper “I still can’t hear you” I now know, and realise he won’t accept anything less than me screaming it at him, I forgot he had all the windows open, but not him, he knew from the start to have them open, he gets off on the neighbours hearing him please, hearing the moans and the screams. I can’t take it anymore, I know I’m about to cum again “please may I cum?” I shout as loudly as I can.

“Yes” he says and I can hear the smirk on his face as my orgasm hits me and I let go, no longer caring what or how much anyone can hear, lost in the sensation of his cock filling my ass. My ass squeezing his cock sends him over the edge and and he begins moaning loudly and shaking with his own orgasm, filling my ass with his hot cum. He collapses on top of me whispering “good girl” in my ear and stroking my hair. As I begin to come down from our orgasms I start to think of how the hell am I going to leave and face the neighbours, and realise this was his plan all along.


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