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I dare you 2

Natalie quietly got out of bed, took a shower. She loves morning sex, she prefers to shower first though. After drying off, she snuck back in bed, took garretts dick in her hands, mouth, it's been a while since nat has awoke her hubby like this. Feeling Natalie's hot mouth, hands on his hard cock was heaven! Nat swung her leg over garretts head so they could 69! Garrett is the only man who's ever been able to make her squirt! Minutes later Natalie gushed in his face, Garrett kissed his wife, she loves tasting herself! Natalie couldn't wait another minute! She said I'm a low sultry voice, fuck me! Shove your cock deep in my ass! I need to be filled w your seed! Garrett grabbed Natalie's hips, steadied himself behind her, spit on her brown eye, rubbed the tip of his cock in her asscrack, pushing his cockhead in inch by inch til he was balls deep in her tight asshole!!! Letting her get used to his size, he gently thrust in and out, fucking Natalie faster and faster til his heavy balls slapped her round ass! Pawing her tits, rubbing her clit, fingering her dripping wet pussy, made Natalie scream in pleasure! Natalie gutterally growled, her body began to stiffen, shake, she was coming HARD!!! Garrett is a gentleman, he always makes sure Natalie cums first. He's always been a thoughtful lover that way. Garrett couldn't stop his cum, he shot five ropes of hot jism in Natalie's ass!!! Garrett kissed, caressed her face, then he stepped into the bathroom to clean off his cock. 20 mins later Garrett was ready to fuck Natalie's cunt, so he did! Garrett pounded her pussy, Natalie rode garretts cock til she was writhing, moaning like

a nympho! She came for a second time, hearing this Garrett gave a grunt, said, I'm cuuumiiing!!! They collapsed, slept til around 7, went to dinner at the big lodge, they were starving! All through dinner they flirted, kissed, held hands. When dinner was over, Natalie whispered, I dare you to get me pregnant!!!


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