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I Dare You!

Natalie and her husband, Garrett have been married for five years. They have an almost two year old son, Daniel. They're really happy, but their sex life has dwindled. Garrett has been understanding and sweet, not pressed the issue. Daniel's bday is this Thursday. They're having family and some neighbors over for cake and icecream.

As Natalie and her mom were cleaning up they talked about Nats job, she loves photography, Sara pressed in, asked about her daughter's marriage. In all honesty mom, things could be better. I'm so tired, I'm not feeling very sexy either these days. Sara asked if they had plans this weekend? May shook her head, said no, why? Without answering her daughter, Sara walked up to Garrett, took Daniel from him said, go pack! You two are going to Green Mountian Lodge for a much needed vacation! Your father and I will stay here and watch Daniel. They gave excuses why they couldn't, but Sara said, I dare you! That did it, an hour later they were on their way to the mountain. Growing up Sara and her husband, Joe dared their kids to do things, eating new foods, trying out for the spring play, applying for a prestigious internship at a popular magazine, skydiving, the list went on forever. Doing that made Natalie and her brothers, Max and Alan brave.

Two hours later they pulled up to the resort, went to check in. Joe paid for their stay, all the extras too, bubbly, roomservice, couple's massages. It was heaven! The first night they just held eachothers naked body, slept. When they finally woke up, it was 3pm! Wow! They must've been exhausted! Waking up, Nat feels garrett's hard cock against the crack of her ass. She loves anal sex! It's so dirty, naughty!

More to cum to later!


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