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I'm Sorry Daddy

It doesn't matter that she's an adult now. She's been lazy lately, not doing her chores. When her daddy came home on his lunch hour, saw the mess he was angry! He yelled, pick up before I get home, or you'll get the belt too!

She hates the belt! Suzy cleaned, cooked supper, waited for her punishment. At 6:45p her daddy came home, they ate, talked, laughed, then it was time to go upstairs. She undressed, stood in front of her daddy, leaned across his lap, squeaked out, im sorry daddy before he started spanking his daughter as hard as he could! Frank works in construction, he has strong, rough hands. When Suzy struggled, he spanked her sit spots! Frank wanted total submission. Moments later, Suzy went limp, stopped fighting her daddy.

He picked her up, laid her on his bed, spread her legs, putting his whole mouth over her lil hairless cunny he sucked, licked, kissed it. Frank loves punishing then pleasuring his sweet lil Suzy. He knows their relationship is wrong, but they couldn't fight their feelings after Terry, suzys mom told frank Suzy isn't his daughter. She had a week moment when they were fighting, fucked some guy at work. He kicked terry to the curb, told Suzy she can stay as long as she wants.

Sensing Suzy was close to squirting, he tongue fucked her harder! AHHH! Ooooh daddy! That's right! Fuck your daughter, your lil girl!!! Arching her back, spreading her legs, Suzy came hard in her father's mouth! Frank kissed Suzy, rubbed her red ass. She knows what he wants, she broke their kiss, put two pillows on the bed in front of her, they help keep her ass in perfect position so her daddy can fuck her already tender ass! Frank loves anal sex! He lost his virginity fucking his sister in her ass! No pregnancy scares that way! Frank spanked Suzy as he shot his hot cum deep in her ass! Exhausted, panting they held eachother, before they fell asleep, Suzy whispered, I'm sorry daddy.


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