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I snapped the paddle in two

A friend of mine invited me to a naked party that he was hosting at his place. The details of this party were failrly self evident, and I asked you if you wanted to be my date for the night. It wasn't hard to convince you to join me and a house full of naked strangers, and you accepted the invitation.

We arrived to the party dressed in our full winter gear, and looked around the party at a sea of beautiful naked people. I watched you take off your shoes, and I followed suit. Quickly we both had stripped completely naked, and you took me by the hand to lead me into the party.

The first group we saw was lying naked on the carpet playing card games. You walked over without hesitation and joined the game. I sat back for a moment to catch up with my friend, the gracious host. I commended him on throwing such a free-spirted and lovely gathering, and he smiled and handed me a hand-carved wooden paddle.

I took the paddle and walked over to where you were playing on the carpet. I leaned in really close and hovered just above you. My nipples lightly grazed your back when I whispered that I wanted to smack you with this wooden paddle.

I taunted you about when I thought you would tap out, and you never backed away from a challenge. You told me to hit you with my best shot, so I did, over and over. Your ass was deep red and starting to turn purple, but you never made a sound. I wanted to make you tap out while everyone was watching. I wound back hard and struck as hard as I could, and I snapped the paddle in two. But you still never made a noise.

I rubbed your ass and covered your welts with a damp cloth, but you didn't want any of my consolation. You knew what you wanted best, so I left you and your sore ass to go use the restroom.

You followed me into the bathroom, mocking my attempts to paddle you, calling me pathetic for even trying to get you to tap out. You made it incredibly difficult for me to finish peeing, but eventually I was able to drown out your humiliation and get to the sink to wash my hands. Before I could even turn on the faucet, you grabbed me by the throat and threw me against the wall with the towel rod digging into my back.

You moved your hand between my legs, and slid your fingers inside me without any warning. I tried to gasp, but you kept a tight grip on my throat. You whispered in my ear that you wouldn't let go until I came hard for you in the bathroom. I could hear people just outside the door, and I was trying to stay quiet while you held me in place. Each time you felt my knees buckle and weaken, you kept rubbing and whispering in my ear that you wanted me to cum. You didn't let me go until I gave in to your wishes.

I still can't seem to find your weak spot, but you certainly have your ways of making me tap out.


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