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In Good Hands

I bolted upright in my hospital bed. I didn't know what had happened to my clothes. I only knew was that I was freezing and exposed, nipples poking through my loosely fastened hospital gown. I looked around the emergency room in a daze, trying to get my bearings. The walls were white and the floors sparkly clean, and through my open curtain I could see the bright lights and bustle of the hospital staff. And I could hear so many voices, so much talking.

I looked over at the nurse’s station, and I could hear them speaking to each other as if they were right next to me. One nurse was especially striking, and I couldn't stop staring at her breasts under her snug scrub top. I heard her talking to another nurse, and I could swear they were talking about me. I didn't like being left out of a conversation that was about me, so I shouted over to them from my gurney.

I was brash and intrusively shouted, "Hey pretty nurses, what are you talking about?" The beautiful nurse seemed thrown by my question and responded dismissively, "Nothing hun, don't worry about it. Just try to get some rest." I heard her words and her tone, but I was still on high alert. Then I heard those same nurses speaking again, and this time they were talking about how they couldn't believe I could even hear them from such a distance.

I knew that she had just told me to settle down, but now I knew for certain that these nurses were definitely talking about me. I couldn't settle down knowing that I was under such scrutiny. I jumped up out my hospital bed and I approached their station. Before I could even speak a word, the nurse whom I had fixated upon turned and looked at me sternly. She told me to go back over to my bed, and she reassured me that someone would come with more information very soon.

I did what I was told, but as I returned to my isolated area, I watched her pick up the phone. This time she spoke so softly that I couldn't decipher a single word, never mind extrapolate to whom she was speaking. I sat patiently on the bed, back straight, legs crossed, and never took my eyes off of the dismissively sharp nurse. She told me to wait patiently for something, but I had no idea what was going to happen. I watched her hang up the phone, and she made and broke eye contact with me several times as I watched her shift uncomfortably and look towards the door. I kept sitting silently, staring, hoping that she would come over and talk to me.

All of a sudden, the main double doors flew open. Six men all dressed in white marched in unison. They walked straight to my bed, and the one in the front of the pack gave the nurse a knowing nod. She scurried out from behind her station, and finally she walked over to be with me. I started to say hello to her, but before I could say a word, I felt strange hands all over my arms and legs. The group of men held me down and they tightened medical cuffs around my wrists and ankles. I screamed and cried in protest, but I couldn't move at all. Eventually I stopped fighting against the restraints and silent tears rolled down my cheeks.

The sexy nurse stood by my head and she stroked my hair, telling me that everything was going to be okay. I couldn't stop crying, but she told me that the worst part was over and that I was in good hands. At that moment, I felt a needle stick into my upper thigh. The wicked nurse continued stroking my hair, and the words "Everything is going to be alright." echoed in my ears as I slipped out of delirium and into unconsciousness.


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