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Instructions for my sub

Tonight, I want two different snaps. Read only enough to carry out each step as you go along.

Now that you’ve had your shower, put on those black heels. Take a deep breath and lie on your bed. Imagine me sitting across the bed from you.. watching every move. Slip your finger into your mouth.. then trace it from your lips.. down your neck.. over your left breast.. take your time.. till you reach between your thighs.. Imagine I’m watching you with desire and intent.. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.. relax.. I want you to take a photo here in the style of the first night’s photo with that hand between your crossed legs.

Then slowly spread your legs.. feel the cool air around your warm pussy as you get wetter by the second. I want you to pleasure yourself. Turn on your mic.. and record the audio while you masturbate..

Rub the insides of your thighs, lightly brush your fingers against the outside of your pussy, and circle around your nipples with your fingers for a few minutes. I want to make sure you're nice and horny for me, so you'll obey every word I say.

Now, start to imagine me deep inside you.. feel the inside of that cunt.. how slippery and electric it is.. imagine me thrusting into you.. kissing you passionately, breathing in your ear.. you’re allowed to moan.. feel the tingles down your spine.. You are not allowed to come tonight; merely enjoy the sensations I allow you to feel. Stop the recording. Send it to me.

I then want you to take that finger, slip it in your mouth.. I want you to taste it.. taste that beautiful juicy pussy.. imagine how you’re going to come over and over again this weekend.. how I’m going to make love to you.. fuck you.. squeeze you.. scratch you.. whip you.. hurt you.. please you.. tease you..

Take the second photo of you biting your finger while you gaze cheekily into the camera like the horny little minx that you are.. let me see that smile of excitement coupled with unbearable yearning for Friday to come sooner..


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