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Jimmy Choos' Swamp Dash

Why did he buy her some Jimmy Choos, let her show them off at the party with all her girlfriends as they selfied their asses into oblivion all night, but then drive her to the swamp, and give her 5 seconds to start running in them?

Her heel broke and the tapestry was slimed with mud and gunk as she huffed and puffed to get away. Down deep she knew she would be caught and won over if not ravished and spent, but the thrill of the chase...

The reeds grew thicker and then the muddy clearing. The heels were worthless and she stripped them now wincing barefoot and that's when she heard him catching up. Oh shit!

Faster, breathing harder, if she... could just ... get ... to that...

And then he came - leaping behind her, pushing her forward, toppling into the mud they went. He bit her porcelain neck like a puma, and she went to kick and squirm and scramble, but soon she felt like a gazelle, under his spell, the tingling coursing through her now...

She would try to wrestle after his bite, but she was pinned, her clothes ripped to shreds, and he took her from behind in the mud as she acquiesced and loved his attention. She was a hot mess and it would get worse as she wanted to gush all over his huge cock. She was being claimed, conquered, taken, fucked with vigor on his terms.

She was turning into this wild banshee hot tart maven saucy vixen surprise (pronounced the french way). And he turned her around, grabbed her ankles with her emerald green toes in the air, and mounted her with primal want.

She had no choice but to revel in his desires, and frankly, she loved it; he chose her and revealed his innermost vulnerabilities, which included his need to put her underneath him so he could provide and protect and send her to the moon on nights like this.

That's why, whenever he looked at her with a knowing stare and said, 'It's time, woman: it's TIME.'

Her eyes widened and she dropped everything and ran out the door... at least she'd get a jump and prolong the tension that begat a release no other woman could comprehend when she was being seeded with royal cravings by the man she longed for multifariously.


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